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Married or not?


Dear Sir/Madam

I wonder if you have a scholar who could answer my specific question.
I accepted 3 times to marry a muslim man last year. There were no witnesses or guardian as I read I didn't need one as I'm mature - 50 years old.
We believe we are married however accept this is not a valid legal marriage.
My specific question is:

Is our marriage recognised by Allah?

I appreciate your response

Kind regards


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  1. Assalamualaikom sister

    You may not need a guardian as you are a matured woman, BUT you definitely need 2 witnesses. This is the minimum for a valid marriage contract. If you have family/guardian i strongly recommend they become involved, you dont want to start your marriage by hurting their feelings.. and they are the ones who will be by your side in case life gave you guys the other face, OR you had issues later with your husband.

    Also write the contract and have a copy for eeach of you , even if it is not registered, its better to make it in Black& Write agreement

    May Allah bless you and your husband to be

    • please show the reference for your point that guardian in not required .I think she still needs guardian .please check with authentic sources .

  2. Salam.

    Lady you need witness regardless of your age..So the general public knows or families or friends because will spread gossip...also just incase something happens in relationship..God forbid...This is the way of our prophet it has much more greater meaning then what we know.

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