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Can a girl who prays marry a guy who doesn’t pray?

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Is it permissible in any condition to marry a girl who pray 5 times to a person who don't pray 5 times?

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  1. Assalam oalykum wr wb. May allah swt bless you for your wisdom to ask this important question which is prevailing in our society(including subcontinent ).In your case you have not even told us that atleast he performs jumma ,eid or not ?!! either of the cases :

    All the scholars are agreed of the gravity of the sin of abandoning Salah. There is overwhelming evidence from the Qur'an and Sunnah stressing this act.

    Your parents should remember that marriage is something that will have an effect on a couple for the rest of their lives. Would a religious Muslim really want to marry somebody like that, who does not pray? What kind of outcome would this have in the couple's religion? Could this marriage contract even be valid?

    “There is no sin after Shirk that is worse than abandoning Salah until it elapses (until it has been prayed)

    After the marriage contract is performed, if it is found that one of the two spouses does not pray (or commits a major sin like drinking or zina), the other spouse should immediately seek termination of the contract for cause.

    "If one of the two spouses was involved in such sins and then repented to Allaah, his marriage contract need not be redone."
    And the sin of one who leaves the Salah with Allah, his sin is worse than killing a soul, and taking the money of the people, and even worse than the sin of Zina, and stealing, and taking intoxicants. And the one who does that has exposed himself to the Punishment of Allah, and His Anger, and His Humiliation for him in this life and the afterlife.

    NOW ASK YOURSELF AND YOUR PARENTS.. A PERSON WHO IS OMNISCIENT ABOUT the basic thing that the greatest sin after shirk is abandoning salah and the only differecne between muslim and non muslim is salah despite of this he intentionally FORSAKE IT.. CAN HE BE A GOOD HUSBAND?!!

    choice is yours!! But the marriage is haram and IF HE AMEND HE SHOULD OFFER SALAH FOR ALLAH NOT FOR THE MARRIAGE.

    May allah swt guide you to the right path and protect you from all sorts of vice ameen

  2. I dont know explicity about the permissibility of it - I am not qualified to give you a fatwa.
    What I do know is it certainly is not recommended at all and that some scholars go as far as to say that abandoning prayer is an act of kufr (disbelief).
    Either way abandoning prayer is a big sin - so I would advise against it - at least until he sincerely prays all his salat.

    It would be good to know though if he maybe prays most but misses some occasionally, is he trying for Allahs sake? If the brother is a recent revert he is not excused from praying however sometimes they struggle.
    But in general no. It is better to find someone who does pray, is a good Muslim of good character and also someone who is compatible. There should also be some attraction (within Islamic limits of course - no staring)

    We are advised to marry someone who is firm on the deen and someone who does not pray regularly will not have this.

    Sara Editor

  3. Ask your heart" How will YOU feel when it is time to pray and he does not/gets upset/sits around while you pray/tempts you away with Tv or shopping and makes YOU lose your connection with Allah?

    IF you are willing to accept losing your faith then think hard - is that marriage and the sacrifice it requires of you worth losing your aakhirah over my sister?

    Ask yourself these questions and you will find the answer very clearly in your heart - no one telling you anything will make any difference.

    May you make the right choice, inshaAllah. Ameen

  4. Oh and BTW: don't even think that "I will marry him and change him with my love" - that NEVER happens. Marriage is NOT a joke and what someone's behavior is before, it will only get worse, and in this case, may affect your deen

  5. Assalamu'alaikum.

    Not praying is very serious. It is not shirk but there is punishment in this life (many punishments) and also the torture of the grave. Then on the Day of Judgment, Allah Ta'ala will judge you harshly and throw you into Hellfire. I am not sure if the Prophet (sallahu alaihi wa alihi wa salaam) can get you out or not with Shafa'a.

    However, I am curious if someone was on heavy duty medications such as tranquilizers (Valium, Xanax, etc) that made the person very sluggish and tired and lazy, BUT this person _needs_ this medication to function and be normal.

    Some people suffer from severe anxiety and depression and are prescribed medications that have side effects such as laziness, apathy, forgetfulness and feeling fatigued or tired and hard to concentrate.

    If they don't take that medication (and prior to beginning treatment with that medication) they were so nervous and depressed that they could not function.

    In those cases, Allahu'alam, but if you are completely normal, there's no excuse.

    I'd like an answer from someone about missing the prayer or not being regular with the prayer due to mental illness (neurosis/depression) and the side effects of medications used to treat it. Non medical treatment didn't work for the disease.

    Jazak'Allah khair.

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