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Hello I was hoping you could please advise me. I am Australian girl and want to marry my boyfriend that lives in Kuwait. I am still married but have been separated for 6 years. I can't get a divorce right now because will cause many financial hardship for my children. I converted to Islam 1 month ago. My question is how can I marry my boyfriend? And how can I do this in Kuwait? Your help with my problem Would be appreciated.


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  1. Did you meet online? He was wants your visa!!!!!
    How long have you known him? Did he ask to marry you straight away?

  2. @xoxo I have known him 2 years now. We met online. No he didn't ask me to marry him straight away as he knows I'm married already. We just want to get married so our relationship is halal.

  3. salam sister and congratulations on reverting to Islam. I hope you will find love, acceptance, and peace of heart and mind in your new belief system. If my knowledge is correct in the matter I do believe that your marriage to your ex will become annulled Islamically anyway if he is a non Muslim. (Speak to an Islamic scholar at your mosque about this) I do not think it's fair to accuse your BF of wanting just your visa however, that is something you should vet him on. As for marrying your BF in Kuwait I'm sure it can be done Ismically but I do not think your marriage will be registered in Australia because you're already "legally" married there (therefore, you can't give a visa to your new husband unless you legally divorce the first) hope that makes sense.

    • Thankyou so much for your reply. Unfortunately there was no way of marrying him in Kuwait due to many there only performing civil marriage.but we will marry when my divorce is final. And yes thankyou it's not fair to accuse him of that. We are still together and our love is stronger than ever 🙂

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