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Marrying my cousin but she had a breast milk from my mother

Bolivian woman with her baby

A Bolivian woman with her baby.

Assalamualaikum. Take my cordial love.

I have a first cousin. And I had a nice relationship with her. And I am also interested to marry her in future.

But the complication is that she sucked my mom's breast milk when she was 1. It occurred one day (her mother was in duty at that day). She took my mom's breast milk all the day long on that day.

So my question is will it be permitted to marry her in Islam?

- Hafiza

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  1. Well you become siblings, so you can not marry your cousin.
    Children who have been regularly breastfed (three to five or more times) by the same woman are considered “milk-siblings” and are prohibited from marrying each other.

    “That is because of the report narrated by Muslim (1425) from ‘Aa’ishah who said: “When the Qur’aan was first revealed, the number of breast-feedings that would make a child a relative (mahram) was ten, then this was abrogated and replaced with the number of five which is well-known.”

    “Whoever is breastfed by a woman five times, before the age of two years, becomes her child through breastfeeding and she becomes his mother. Her husband (the “owner of the milk”) becomes a father to him through breastfeeding, and everyone who was also breastfed by this woman becomes his brother or sister through breastfeeding, and so on. “

  2. WS,

    You are forbidden from marrying her as she is your suckle sister.

    Furthermore, whilst cousin marriages are technically permissible, it is highly recommended that you do not marry your cousin as it leads to weak offsprings both physically and mentally. This explains the lower IQ of the likes of Pakistanis and Saudis 70% of whom marry their cousins and have been doing so for generations.

  3. She is your sister

  4. Hafiza, it depends on the number of breast feedings your mother gave your cousin. We have answered this question numerous times before. See our archives:

    Wael Editor

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