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Marrying same girl twice

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Assalamu alaikum,

I have seen a similar topic in this forum before in the posts, but i could not get a clear answer to convince people.

I wanted to marry a girl who lives in the US currently and i am from India. Since the girls parents have problem in travelling to India and my parents are not in a position to conduct a wedding in US, i suggested them that we can conduct the wedding in both places so that both parents are happy and nobody is feeling bad. They are doubtful whether it is permissible in Islam. I need an advice soon, as i have to plan my wedding insha allah.

Note: Even the girl's relatives are in India and it is only for the sake of the girls parents i wanted to conduct another wedding in US as i respect their feelings to witness their daughter's wedding.

Thank you


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  1. Once the marriage is done, its done! You can have the ceremony twice which is not a problem

  2. AoA,

    Just a suggestion, you can do this over video conferencing. Not skype or any other useless services. You can get video conferencing services there.

  3. Assalamu Alaikum w.w.

    Marriage done Mostly by present contract but it is allowed by proxy for reason.
    I Think it is no problem you can repeat in present, as far as both party enjoyed .
    Allah know best.

  4. Assalamu aaikum brother :

    I suggest you to ask from a Ulama (who have better knowledge about islam and the sharia law (memorized quran )) like mufthi. you can ask from them

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