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Brothers and sisters, it's very shameful to ask this, but it's necessary to ask. I  have an addiction with masturabation. Tell me how to discontinue it, but first tell me can we fast in the form of nijasasast (after masturbating) if we have not had time to ghusal?

It's a shameful act for any muslim.  I used to be a good muslim- at least, God fearing. Now I feel like  there is no emman left in  me. Please help me and tell me about the Ramadan question I asked above  first.

Desperate to be a good muslim again, and find my path.

Thank you,


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  1. Firstly, you can get marry soon.

    Secondly, read Quran, the Quran don't say anything about that it's strictly prohibited or not but obviously in Quran Allah commanded us that every believers should maintain their "chastity". Adultery is strictly forbidden, masturbation is better than adultery, but it seems unlawful or awkward. Frequently doing it can be harmful for health.

    Finally, learn to know about the consciousness of Allah, He watching us whatever we think or do.

    (e.g. No need to feel ashamed to people but feel ashamed to Allah. Perhaps most of the people particularly singles and youngers often do it and average people tend to hide it)

  2. Confusedmuslim7 I'm going through exactly the same situation n i need help i remember reading quran, doing dikr, praying sunnah, listening to lectures buh know all that is off i barely do anything not long ago this girl came into my life Nd she wants to commit zina buh i always reject buh that's not wha i fear the most wha i fear is that one day I might fall and ill be doomed

  3. Salaams,

    As far as I know, for men there is no requirement to be in a pure state to complete your obligatory fasts. If you have ejaculated or masturbated or had sex, you can still fast the following day even without a ghusl. However, you would need to take one in order to make the obligatory prayers for that day. This holds true for women also, as far as fasting while sexually impure (women may not fast while bleeding their menses, though).

    -Amy Editor

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