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Masturbation and Watching Porn During Ramadan

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Masturbation in State of Fasting

Assalamu alaikum warahamtu-llah wa barakatoo

I just wanna know the punishment for watching porn and conducting masturbation during ramadan (fasting) and for the voluntary fasting ? what is the effect of it toward one's fasting ? Is his/her fasting still valid after masturbation or watching porn? If no, then what should he/she do ?

~ bareek

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  1. Assalamu'alaikum Bareek,

    Concerning whether masturbation is Haraam, there are other posts we have answered, you can refer to them.

    Masturbation in Ramadan (while fasting) invalidates the fast and you will have to make up for the number of days you masturbated while fasting.

    Al-Muwaffaq Ibn Qudamah, Rahimahullah said in his book, Al-Mughni: "If he practices masturbation with his hand, he has committed a forbidden act, but it does not invalidate his fasting, unless he ejaculates; if he ejaculates, then he invalidates his fasting, because it falls into the category of kissing." (What he means by "it falls into the category of kissing," is that he ejaculates because of it; as for kissing without ejaculation, it does not invalidate fasting).

    Also read this fatwa.

    You will need to do tawbah and make up for the fasts invalidated due to this act.

    Abu Abdul Bari Editor

    • Is masturbation without ejaculation haram?

      • during Ramadan you masturbate while fasting and do not ejaculate your fast will not be invalid. If u do ejaculate then your fast well be invalid and u have to make up the days how many time u enjaculate

        • If you masterbate when you are not fasting like after the sunsets will I have to restart my fasting or no

          • If you do it after sunset, it does not affect your fasting.

          • Khatab

            This is a holy month of Ramadan and Don't do all those sins of watching bad things etc .
            You make intention in your heart that you will change yourself from this Ramadan and will follow all the right things in future .Insha allah , Allah will help for good intention .

          • Hi before sunset or after shnset

        • Salam Alaikum.
          Please I slept and had a dream while I was fasting.
          The dream was , I was having an affair with someone.
          Please does that make my fasting invalid??
          I want to know.

          • Dreaming of any subject does not break your fast, no matter what it is.


          • Salam,

            I am shia muslim, i woke up for suhoor and found out that I had wetted myself and wasn't sure if it was maniy or madhi, I then for some reason watched porn and masterbated which led to ejaculation (I regret it). I ejaculated before fajr azan, is my fast for that day valid, I did ghusl that day around afternoon, is my fast valid or nullified.

          • Asalamualaykum Jkc,

            Your fast is not valid for that day if you ejaculated but didn't do ghusl before fajr. You cannot keep "half a fast," meaning fasting only after your afternoon ghusl.. I mean, you could, but it wouldn't have the same benefit.


          • Nor ,

            I think you need to recheck about validity part of fasting if ejaculation was before Suhoor time and he remained dirty for most of the day .

          • abc,

            That's what I said...that if he ejaculated but didn't do ghusl before Fajr, his fast is invalid.


          • Nor,

            As per few islamic website sources here ,the fast is still valid even if he remains impure without taking ghusul .
            Tough it is wrong to delay Ghusul as he might miss Salaah but Fast still remains valid .

            Few sources



          • abc,

            My logic was that when one is fasting, one should also be reading the five daily prayers. And if they are keeping to their salah, then they must have done ghusl after ejaculation as a prerequisite for prayer.


          • If you really want to stop this sinful act use something like a rubber band (on your wrist). Anytime you feel like watching porn or doing it slap the rubber really hard and train your brain make yourself know that if you do it you are are going to serve a punishment and if you really want to stop it u would serve that punishment make sure u pray alll the time and have the rubber with you anywhere you go. Thank you and I hope you have gained something

          • wet dreams dont break ones fast as you didnt intentionally do it or ejaculated

        • Does masturbation break itekaf after sunset?

    • sir,

      i m a non-Muslim follower, i m fasting in Ramadan and i committed mistake of masturbating in mind in sleep while fasting i just what to know whether m fast was valid or not? and also i didn't watch porn but yes i had some pics in my phone n mistakenly i looked at those n even received such sometimes on phone(which is common on daily base) which sometimes i didnt realize n had a close look. I want to know on these too..

      • Amit, congratulations for fasting in Ramadan and accepting this spiritual challenge. If you are referring to sexual dream, or even a wet dream in which you experience ejaculation, that does not break your fast, because it is not within your control. It's good that you do not watch porn, but you say that you receive sexual pics on your phone on a daily basis? Why? Who sends them? Whoever is sending you such pics, you should block them.

        Wael Editor

        • Salam, I am a 13 year old muslim and I have a big problem. I can't stop watching porn, I would always say something like "I will never do it again" and pray to god to help me, but then I end up watching it 1-6 times a month. I am also fasting today and I don't know what came over me but I ended up watching it. I feel so guilty and I don't know what to do, PLEASE help me! I also sometimes masturbate in mind and it just randomly happens, is that also considered haram. Will any of this break my fast? How can I stop it? What dua should I say? I have been exposed to porn when I was 8 but I didn't watch it or think about it. When I turned 11, that's when I REALLY got exposed to porn and now I am here.

          • Put your phone away for one month and do not watch any movie nor any tv show if you can watch something then watch Islamic channels or Quran in YouTube where they also have English translation. And repent is something that Allah likes of us so say astakfilullah and put away your phone and do not look at any women outside and if you do then imminently turn away and say astakfilullah

        • What if you watch something bad or look at something inappropriate and you do not touch yourself but something that might be precum or normal cum comes out but it was accidental and you did not mean for it to happen, wouldn’t your fast be valid?

      • How... how did you masturbate while sleeping? I can barley contain one dream for a night. And I have like 9 dreams per night. Or more depending on how much stuff did I watch (not talking about wet dreams).

    • After Iftar if we watch porn will our all roza go waste?

  2. masturbation and viewing porn are amongst some of the serious sins in Islam.

    Quran commands us to lower our gaze while we encounter strange women.So there is no room is Islam for porn.Not at all.

    Masturbation invalidates ur fast.

  3. masturbation and porn movies are not only haraam in the month of ramadan but it is haraam and highly sin ful act once you come to know that it is haraam then you should stop it ..otherwise you will be punished please stop it and repent and turn to Allah before its too late

    • You gave me a great scar now I can't watch porn

      • i swore to Allah to never watch porn again. its so wicked astagfirullah,somteims my soul gets shattered thinking about it. STAY AWAY, the effects of it in brain body and soul are insanely negative
        I recoomand you check the no fap forums to know the benifits of abstaining from porn and masturbation. thank me later 🙂

  4. Asalama aleykum brother/ sister. I ask Allah to forgive your sins and please make sincere tawbah. I can't answer about the masturbation but I can advice on the porn problem. It is sad to see this evil decease spreading through the muslim umah, may Allah safe guard us. Brother/ sister just think about how precious the eyes are and think about who blessed you with them. Allah has given you the gift and can always take it back, please be grateful and lower your gaze. You won't watch it infront of anyone so always remember Allah is with you seeing all you actions. May Allah heal your heart from that disease and please forgive me if anything I said have hurt you I only want what is best for you for Allah's sake.

  5. Masha Allah,
    I really appreciated your advise, jazakkal-lahu-khair. May Allah (SWT) reward you abundantly for this wonderful support... it makes me feel better thank you.

  6. And one more thing regarding this issue is that, i swear to Allah that i will not masturbate during the month, i still masturbate </3, but then after Ramadan i make up for the number of days i masturbate and i add 3 more fasting for each single day i masturbate for swearing. some times i masturbate after magrib/isha'a prayer, but i still fast 3 for each of the days(That i masturbate after iftar) because i swear of not performing the evil act true out the month. Please is there any mistake of what i did (swearing to Allah). if so what is the punishment? and what must i do?
    Please help me..:'(

  7. Bareek,

    This would have been possible (except for the promise) if you considered masturbation halal. Porn is haraam without doubt, but there have been discussions about masturbation.

    Regarding masturbation, you should refer to the following post:

    You should take steps to bring yourself closer to Allah and move away from your desires and the Shaitaan. You should be stubborn on your will that you want to get rid of your sins and then build a castle around you, so that a fitnah has to bring that down, in order to reach you. But then, you should not come out of it, you could be attacked by the Shaitaan. I believe you understand my analogy and will help yourself win Allah's Pleasure.

    Regarding the promise, you doing what you just stated makes fun of the rule. So you should not act this way, but strive to abstain from what you have promised not to do, but if you still do, this is when you should expiate.

    Abu Abdul Bari Editor

    • Abu Abdul Bari

      I'm not clearly understand the answer, i mean the question i ask is somehow differ with your answer.
      What i'm asking is regarding the fasting i did (apart from the make up for ramadan) for swearing... is it correct or not? if not, then what should i do ? and the punishment for swearing to Almighty Allah (and broke up)
      And i'm a bit confused about this your statement "This would have been possible (except for the promise) if you considered masturbation halal."

      Jazzakallahu-khyr for the support

      • Bareek, thanks for seeking clarification.

        What I meant there is that the promise you made to Allah, and were expiating with 3 fasts, masturbating and adding three days of fasting again. This is why I said:

        "Regarding the promise, you doing what you just stated makes fun of the rule. So you should not act this way, but strive to abstain from what you have promised not to do, but if you still do, this is when you should expiate."

        Meaning, when you make a promise and break it, you should feel the remorse and try hard to abstain from it. But if you still do it, then you expiate with 3 fasts or choose the other options of expiation. But it is best to not promise to Allah from the next time, because each time you break a promise, you will make Allah Angry. However, you should strive to get rid of the habit.

        Is it clear now?

        Abu Abdul Bari Editor

        • Abu Abdul Bari
          Yes clear now... and thanks may Allah SWT help us now and always..ameen
          Jazakkallahu khyr

        • please help me i masturbate for 2 days and each day i did it twice in ramadan please tell me what i should do please

          • Salaams,

            There are plenty of previous posts on how to overcome masturbation that you can search; not excluding the answers already given on this post.


          • Do sincere tawbah man and read the posts above,donot be despair of the mercy of Allah,indeed he is the most forgiving! Have hope in Allah and promise yourself to not to do it again! Indeed Allah is the most forgiving

  8. Hey i m also addicted to masturbate but i dont do it while i m in fasting can i do it at night before sahri

    • It's best to try to avoid such activities in Ramadan. But if you msut do it and you masturbate at night before sehri you must be sure to take ghusl for your Fajr prayer.

      Wael Editor

  9. Salaam I am a muslim, I do almost everything required of a muslim. Am I allowed to watch porn acted by non muslims. And masturbate to overcome my sexual desires, or watch erottic movies?

    • Assalaamualaikam

      Please read the answers already given. There are several schools of thought regarding masturbation, but pornography is a definite "No".

      Midnightmoon editor

    • Salam, sry but your question is shocking me. It don't depends on if it is acted by muslims or not! Pornography is haram even if some "muslims" are acting it!

  10. masturbation in rahmadan is haraam iknw that. But i want to know that we break fast when its maghrip. N u masturbation at night. Is this still invalidates for your fasting?

  11. Sir i was really concerned with my erection today after iftari while taking bath I tried to check my erection and during this semen came out from it I am really feeling ashamed and guilty can u tell now what should I do?? Plz reply asap I am really tensed my age is 17 years old

    • We have answered many posts on the subject of Ramadan, including this one. Please read the answers given.

      Wael Editor

  12. i controlled myself from ramadhan not to masturbate and watchporn till today i got succeded but now while working in office i am feeling very hard and unable to control my self as my job is to create beautiful images on photoshop which included men and women .. how to overcome this weakness till the end of ramadhan i didnt masturbate and continous fighting with my nafs in this blessing month i didnt masturbate in night but today feeling worse help mee e! plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    and give me fast solution to control myself nafs and zikr wazaif,or and tricks,as i am not able to perform wudhu during office hours

    • Try to perform Wudhu and read the Quran or something. Imagine ot this way: The shaytan is furious that he can't get you to Masturbate thus he is trying very hard to make you displease Allah. But you need to tell yourself that you are above the shaytan, Allah ordered him to.bow before you and we humans are above him in nature. Thus we shouldn't listen to him and strive to keep Allah happy

    • Sir, what kind of job is this? I assume graphic designing. You have a bigger problem here then not being able to control your desires.

      Here are some hadiths I found relating to the nature of your job:

      'Abdullaah ibn Mas'ood (may Allaah be pleased with him) reported that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: "Those who will be most severely punished by Allaah on the Day of Resurrection will be the image-makers." (Reported by al-Bukhaari, see al-Fath, 10/382).

      Abu Hurayrah (may Allaah be pleased with him) reported that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: "Allaah, may He be exalted, says: 'Who does more wrong than the one who tries to create something like My creation? Let him create a grain of wheat or a kernel of corn.'" (Reported by al-Bukhaari, see Fath al-Baari, 10/385).

      'Ali (may Allaah be pleased with him) said: "Shall I not send you on the same mission as the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) sent me? Do not leave any built-up tomb without levelling it, and do not leave any picture in any house without erasing it." (Reported by Muslim and al-Nisaa'i; this is the version narrated by al-Nisaa'i).

      Ibn 'Abbaas (may Allaah be pleased with him and his father) reported that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: "Every image-maker will be in the Fire, and for every image that he made a soul will be created for him, which will be punished in the Fire." Ibn 'Abbaas said: "If you must do that, make pictures of trees and other inanimate objects." (Reported by Muslim, 3/1871)

      -The first thing you need to do , is ask a scholar or imam if its ok to continue with this job or not, because there is also a risk that the profit or money your making from this job may not be considered halal.

      -In my opinion this is a very serious issue, and the quicker you get a imams or scholar advice on the matter the better it will be. Then you will know if you need to repent and change your occupation or if its safe to continue.

  13. Can you please answer me?????

    What if someone masturbates but he doesn't know that is haram, is the punishment the same as the one that knows ?

    And if he knows it's haram and wants to stop it and forgive for allah? How can you do that?

  14. Assalamualaikum,

    Here to touch on the subject of pornography, an act I've been almost addicted to since i was 12.
    Is pornography really a bad thing? Doesn't wet dreams equivalent to pornography? As it calms your sexual desire and so make you less likely to commit sins like having sexual intercourse which is an even bigger sin.

    Your thoughts?

    • Haliq, yes it is a BAD thing. It is totally haram. It is NOT equivalent to wet dreams, and it does NOT calm your sexual desire. The experts say that pornography actually stimulates sexual desire, but not in a healthy way. It creates a desire for unnatural acts, and creates unrealistic expectations, so that one is not happy even if he is married, but is always craving the things he sees in pornography.

      You are only trying to rationalize it to justify your self-confessed addiction. How can an addiction be a good thing?

      We have published many posts here about the evils of pornography and how to quit using it. Please search our archives.

      Wael Editor

  15. is it okay to masterbate at night because i feel the need for sexual desire
    if i did masterbate at night what should i do to be forgiven ?

    • As I just said to someone else, it's important to differentiate between masturbation and porn. Masturbation is haram according to some scholars, makruh (permissible but disliked) according to many, and permissible according to some. However, porn is HARAM at all times according to all scholars.

      Wael Editor

  16. How do I stop porn addiction?

  17. i really need to masterbate but as we all know its ramadan.
    im 15 and masterbating makes me happy!
    can i masterbate at night time after ive opened my fast ?

    • If you do, do not let it interfere with your 'ibadah. And try to cut back, so that you do it less than you do normally. Use Ramadan as a opportunity to modify your behavior.

      Wael Editor

      • Why is it that some schollars says it is okay to masturbate only if ur goal is to alleviate ur sexual desires?
        I am 16 and i do masturbation.

  18. Thank yous for all the good answers. Pornography is very bad and can be hard to avoid once you have started habits of watching. I very much see that Allah will punish those that sin and those that engage in these dirty activities. Its better to find a wife and live a wholesome life or at the least find a girlfriend. Don't waste your time in a fantasy of filth and mental turmoil. Make choices that make you feel good about life. Read the Quran and pray.

  19. Assalam-o-Alaikum dear brothers and sisters.
    If any one have done mastrubate during fasts, without knowing that it will break fasts.
    Will his/her fasts remain continue or not?

  20. If you are fasting and you do masturbation but you don't know its haram and you are sitting in itikaf will your fast and itikaf be void?

    • On any day when you masturbate and orgasm, your fast is void for that day and you must make it up after Ramadan.

      Wael Editor

      • What about itikaf? Do we continue sitting in intikaf? Cause, I didn't know that it was a major sin. I really want to continue in sitting itikaf and don't want it to get void. I've promised Allah not to do this sin again. I'm so guilty at the moment

  21. As salam u alikum!
    Sir i have been masturbating in ramadan during fasting but before reading all this info given over here i came to knw its haram to masturbate and watch porn in ramadan! But i didnt knw abt this and i have committed these sins! Are the fasts i have kept been accepted or they went useless because i didnt knew abt all this! Plz reply as soon as possible! Jazak allah!

    • Any day of Ramadan in which you masturbated is lost and must be made up. And porn is haram at any time, not just in Ramadan.

      Wael Editor

  22. My quetion is that i'm 14 years old and i mastrubated while fasting without knowing that my fast will be broken so please tell me that my fast is broken or not in which i mastrubated? And one thing more can i mastrubate in normal days or not?

  23. I can't stop masturbating or watching porn I know it's wrong but my desires always overpower me I need help or advice jazakullah

  24. Yonis omar u will be ok allah will not hate u

  25. Assalamu 3alaikom,

    I was wondering if I could masturbate during the month of ramadan after iftar? Since a man and his wife could practice intercourse after iftar.

    Thank you

    Please answer me asap.

  26. Bro I was sleeping at night normally when I got up at 4 am at Saheri time I saw my underwear was wet I don't know how but I saw it was my sperm leaked and I Done my saheri also now I'm taking bath can my Fasting will be remain legal or not please tell me fast.....Thank You

  27. Can my wife ******.

  28. Al Salamo 3alaikom.

    Today, while fasting in Ramadan, I watched bad images of girls on Internet and I don't know what to do.

    Please advice me what to do to continue my fasting and stop this habbit.

    Yesterday, after Iftar, I watched bad images of Girls also.
    I prayed to Allah, and begged him for Mercy. Today, I couldn't control myself and watched these images.

    Please, tell me what to do.

  29. When you mestubate after the braking Of the day fast... Does it affect the fast in anyway?

    • No it does not. But do not let it interfere with your prayers, and do not commit sins by watching haram materials.

      Wael Editor

  30. Well I did my research and apparently masturbation isn't haram ( forbidden) and actually there is a scholar who I forgot his name said masturbating during Ramadan doesn't break your fast which fits me pretty well . And I think when people doesn't stick to one thing in a problem you get to choose I'm with that dude . Sorry if I don't sound very smart but just search الاستمناء في رمضان and keep scrolling you will find it . Hope I helped

    • You are completely wrong, sorry. It's true there are some scholars who say masturbation is not haram. But ejaculation of sperm during the fast period will absolutely break your fast, without question. There is no disagreement on that.

      Also, your username is inappropriate. Change it next time please.

      Wael Editor

  31. Sir,
    I will be joining an academy of advertisement, I just want to know that will it be a halal earning for me?

  32. hi salam if we watch porn and we didn't hit puberty yet does it matter

    • Ali, yes it matters! It is haram and you must avoid it completely. Porn is extremely destructive for young minds. It corrupts the mind at a time at a critical period of development, when the youth should be growing as a Muslim and a believer. It distorts the young person's view of sex and relationships, possibly for life. STAY AWAY!!!

      Wael Eidtor

      • It's true, you really should stay away from it I wish I did and I was told that. I cam across porn when I was starting puberty and that's where I found out about masterbation. I'm now addicted I can't help it and I've tried most things one you've started it's extremely hard to stop to the point where it may be unpossible.

  33. What if i watch porn and ejaculate without intention, is my fast broken?

    • Your fast is broken. Watching porn is haram, and the result is predictable. You know what it will lead to. You cannot claim it was an accident.

      Wael Editor

  34. Assalamu'alikum,
    I am 19 years and addicted to masturbation and porn since I was 11 years old.I fast everyday in ramzan but I broke my fast many times by masturbating and watching porn.I repented and did tauba many times but I do the sin again and again I do tauba.
    How to stop this habbit please help

  35. Sorry if i repeated this but I masturbate.I know porn is haram but it's an addiction and i can't stop.I really need help and i want to change.Is there anything I could do like duas or anything that could possibly lead me to a good and healthy future?

  36. When we do masterbate by mistake. So what we have to do now.

  37. If I was misterbation and not make to do gusul bcz I was slept then next day came on Ramadan is my Ramadan is valid or not nb I was fast

  38. Asslamalikum,,,,I have a question is masturbating with out watching porn haram?
    Please reply....

  39. When you masterbate after ramadan is that ok ?

  40. I’m not trying to masturbate because of Ramadan and it is a Sin but I’m a teenager and going through Puberty And so I have a lot of hormones I didn’t masturbate since the start of ramadan and I read an article that masturbation without ejaculation wont break your fast but today I tried it and I did not mean to ejaculate I tried hold it in but it came out it was an accident and I didn’t mean to ejaculate Does this break my fast

    • Yes, it breaks your fast, Osama.

      Wael Editor

    • Hello Ian on my period so iam not fasting during the holy month of ramadan does that mean that I can mestrbate since iam on my period and iam not fasting

      I am just asking just to make sure that iam not doing anything wrong

  41. pls sir, is it haram to masturbate after iftar during ramadan?

  42. Similar to the rest of the brothers who posted above, I too, have masturbated during Ramadan(twice now). Compared to the days and months prior to Ramadan, I believe to have limited my sexual desires. However, limiting my haram acts to only two, does not justify them. Of the two times I have masturbated this month, I have repented. I feel sick in my heart, and saddened from the act. Of the times I have done it, I pause briefly, ashamed of what I have done. I hope and pray that the remainder of this month will go smoothly, and I have already promised to make up for double the days that my fast has been void. My main struggle, or question if you will, is how to properly repent. I analyzed many sources, and read many of the above comments, yet I haven't found anything that actually explains how to repent. So please, if anyone can help me out, that'd be great.

    Also just an FYI to all the brothers and sisters viewing this, please refrain from doing such acts during ramadan. Don't question whether its okay after you break your fast, or before it starts, or or or. Just don't do it! Don't watch porn, don't masturbate, no matter the time. I have noticed through careful analysis, that those of us who look for an "OK," to do such a heinous act, or those who already plan to do it. Don't come here looking for the "OK," just resist the urge, so that you don't have to make up days, or repent like us.

    May you all have a blessed Ramadan.

    • So... I got an question. I read an article that during fasting I can masturbation but can’t ejaculate will not break my fast. Is that true?

      • Jason, technically that is true, but it's a BAD idea because once you begin, you will not want to stop until you get your release. Your desires till take over. Secondly, it's not what you should be doing when you are fasting. You should be exercising control and restraint, focusing on your worship of Allah, and trying to improve yourself as a Muslim.

        Wael Editor

  43. I just finished using the bathroom. After about 20 minutes after I finished using the bathroom, I realized that something had come out from my penis. I don't know what it was, and there was no stimulation really. It was less than a drop of what seemed to be just semen. Does this invalidate my fast, and do I have to make up a day after ramadan.

    • Anon, it seems unlikely (since there was no stimulation) that it was semen. I would say continue with your fast normally.

      Wael Editor

  44. Aslm, please I have a question
    Am performaning the Monday & Thursday fasting today. So am watching
    a movie because am little bored & its a movie dat I have never ever watched
    Before so I don't know wat will happen in the movie by mistake
    They now reached to a place in the movie having sexual intercourse
    I immediately changed the channel, is my Fasting still Valid pls???

  45. aslm

    I know watching porn is haram but only masturbation wthout watching porn isnt clear according to some hadith scolars.
    my question, is it haram to think about porn while masturbation? I mean you think automaticly about it when you do the act
    is it the same sin like you watch porn?

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