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Medical problem breaking wudhu… can I pray? Could it be the evil eye?

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Asalamualaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu,
I pray your all in the best of health, wealth and imaan ameen

I have a few questions please that need to be answered I must stress that I have been in touch with a few scholars but none have replied and I'm getting a bit worried now.
Basically I have hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) and i get bleeding in between my periods.
It has only recently started happening, I have been to the doctors and she just ruled out its thyroids and I'm waiting for my smear test results.
So here are the dates and what happened - please tell me what I should do as I feel sooooo confused.

Monday 28th Jan woke up, bled and a tiny clot (sorry tmi)
went clean by 3pm..
Then for a week just continued brown discharge, then went clean then got a light period for a week did ghusl when finished.

2 days after had intercourse started spotting ( so I made fresh wudhu each salah)
Stopped after 2 days didn't have intercourse for a week as I got worried. When I did the same thing happened - again did wudhu each salah.

Went doctors; said everything looked fine. Gave me a prescription for levothyroxine (thyroid supplement); waiting to pick them up...

14 days clean, then bled again on Thursday afternoon, and went clean (bleeding like menstrual) by evening.

Its going to be my 15th day tomorrow that I have not prayed as I have been having on/off bleeding, brown foul smelling discharge at times heavy at times light...turns yellow - I'm just so confused. My family are saying I can pray and I know a sister who one day said I can pray and the next text said I can't pray??? what do I do?

Can I also say that my mum had a sisters gathering in her house on the 28th of January. I have not been myself since.. I have had very bad anxiety, sometimes I feel as if my one side of body is heavier than the other, sometimes a lump in throat, now I feel everything looks faded and it's been nearly 2 months. It started off with the lump in my throat kind of feeling where I thought my tongue and throat were swollen, got checked by 3 different doctors all said anxiety and Alhamdulillah when I started praying salah it all went away. Now since this bleeding thing I can't pray, I went for eye exam yesterday and the optician said Ma shaa Allah eyes are healthy I have a lot of debt - could it be evil eye???
as this has never happened before...

It's one thing after another and very stressful, I feel depressed and sad. I'm trying to get in touch with different imams but yet none reply (ask them about bleeding situation).

I read after 15 days you should pray and that what I am gonna do.. please excuse me for any spelling mistakes and please remember me in your duas that Allah takes my anxiety and debt away ameen.


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  1. ASA sister,

    Hypothyroidism is not evil eye-millions have this disease and your symptoms are normal. The pituitary glad of your is signaling your hypothalmus badly therefore your tsh and/or t3,t4 is lower than normal throwing many major things off balance. These thyroid hormones esp tsh cover metabolism, emotions, and ovulation. You are not fully ovulating and this is not a period or menstruation just discharge ffom your uterus... Or old blood giving it a brown or old iron smell. If this is rather frequent just do as nirmal. ALLAH swt know your obstacle. With hypothyroid its very hard to differentiate if its a period or just discharge due to lack of regular flow. Lets not make things so tricky. Do your salah wudhu etc and ALLAH swt knows best. Do you think if bcos of your situation you were incorrect at times you would be punished or that ALLAH swt would make things so complicated? No us humans do. Allah swt is merciful. Please keep your synthyroid meds regular and always get your full blood panels... Also if you have a goiter which is that lump you spoke of- you can get it removed to be come more regular. This could be causing the issue as well.

  2. As salamu alaykum,

    I agree with the comment above. As soon as you have your medication, keep your daily intake regularly and your periodic (3/6 months) blood tests to see how everything is going on.

    Hypothyroidism has many different symptons, if the doctors have diagnosed you, do what they say and give time to the medication to do its work, if the discharges continue you can return to the doctor and have more exams to dismiss any problem.

    Take a look to this post, you will find duas for debts and she has the same health problem.

    Peace to your Heart,


    • she has the same health problem

      I noticed that too. Then I found out that she (muslimsister1433) is the OP of both.

  3. My eyes have been affected by the evil eye of my friend. I asked for her wudu water , do i have to wash my my whole body or i have to just wash my eyes?? plz guide me.

  4. You should try Diane-35 (unless you trying to conceive, then dont). It regulates your period and is very safe and balances your hormones. Once your hormones are balanced, most of your other symptoms should disappear. Also, consult your Pharmacist or GP before using Diane-35.

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