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Missing my husband

We have been married for 15 months. He lives abroad and we are waiting for my immigration he recently filed my immigration after 11 months of my marriage because he's a bit "lazy". He left two weeks after the wedding and then visited 9 months later. Its been 5 months since the last visit. I miss him too much and i have him on my mind all the time and im frustrated and angry and i fear that this might become a part of my personality. For him to visit me the first  i cried for months and begged him

we love each other. But all the relatives, neighbors mock me. Taunt me for still being here at my parents house without him. What should i do. I see other couples and it makes me miss him more. Its not just the sex but the little things like the touch of his hands etc  that i miss  i fear that this might create long term problems

our entire marriage is based on whatsapp and now most of our convos end in arguments  i argue mostly and he doesn't take my frustration seriously

im depressed and sad and i cry a lot

he says to be patient but i cant

help with any duas please


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  1. Assalaamualaykum hschohan,

    I'm sorry that you are in discomfort and are having to adjust to a long-distance relationship with your husband right now. He did file for your immigration so that tells me that he is interested in having you there with him and that is great news! Inshallah you will feel better then. In the meantime, try not to worry too much about what the neighbors are thinking and saying. They are not in your situation, nor can they judge it. Try the following dua to give you some peace while you two are separated:

    "Hasbi Allahu wa ni'mal wakeel" [(Allah is sufficient for me, and He is the best disposer of affairs (trustee)].

    This dua is a reminder that even right now in your difficulty, you are being taken care of by the best of caretakers. You will not feel as lonely, and have hope and positive thoughts about your not so far-off future with your husband.



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