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Missing Namaz due to college😔😔😔

I am a 20 years old guy and i am pursuing BScIT. My college timings are from 12.30pm to 5.30pm. I miss zuhr and asar because of my college though i perform zuhr and asar after comming from college. Plz help me from this situation.



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  1. Ask your teacher to excuse you 15 mins before the lesson, if they don't let you go say you wanna go toilet. And go to pray instead. That's what I do 😀

  2. I have brother of your age (20) ..He is doin engineering ..His college timings are similar to yours and he always carry Salah mat and head cap in his bag along with books..He always manage to get some spare time for Salah..
    Il advice you the same..And he is the only guy to perform Salah in his college..And you know what his name is also Amir..
    May Allah make it easier for you...

  3. Agreed. Carry prayer mat and skull cap. In between change over of classes go perform your salah. Tell your teacher before hand if you will be late for the class. But, don't waste time when you go to pray.

  4. evn ill do the same....ill perfom my salah during break btwn the classes

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