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Assalamu Alaykum,

I do not usually post things but I am in need of some help and would like to know what I should do.

I have been married for 9 months. I was with my husband for 4 years prior. My hubby and I very happy together and love each other a lot. I am having issues with my mother in law. I met her couple months before I got married to her son, she was the most adorable person I could ever know, she was very helpful, amazing. I start to trust and love her dearly while we were planning my wedding. Therefore I noticed strange attitude from her on the wedding day she was very rude to my family, rude to and all the guest so she ruined my wedding, the day I’ve been waiting for my entire broke my heart and felt betrayed because I was ever so nice to her and done shopping for her for the wedding, I don’t understand why did she need to hurt me on my wedding day.

I didn’t act upon my angry and never expressed my feeling to her until one day we had massive argument, even on that day I didn’t say how hurtful I was in all. Anyway my husband and I feel we are drifting from each other because I still hold grudges for his mum. I cut her off completely because she kept on doing more things after the wedding. My family got mad my mum got involved so I thought it’s the best to stay away from my in laws. But my husband is not happy with it, I can tell he is very sad about my decision. Honestly I didn’t want to cut them off because they all not bad, my father in law is the best person ever so is my brother in laws, just the mum and the sister are ever so hating on me and my husband.

Anyway long story short my hubby and I decided to change and be better for each other since new year is coming, I promise to change my behaviour towards my mother in law. I decided to talk to her and tell her how I feel and sort it out. I honestly loved her with all my heart before the wedding, I wish things could go back the same but I don’t think from my side I’ll ever be able to forgive her and I’m afraid if she does something else to upset me and I get hurt again. Please advice me what shall I do?

Many thanks.

Anu Q

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