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Can my mother marry another man?

Father Remarried

Father Remarried


I am 21 years, unmarried. When I was 10, my father divorced my mother (she was only 29 at that time), she never married again, all through her life she was taking care of me. & now I am 21, she started finding a perfect match for me. I am the only child for my father and mother.

My father married another woman, and having 2 children now. They are living happily now, Alhamdulillah! Once I hated my father, his new wife and even their children, but now I really love them, I haven't talk to father since 5 years, not because I hate him, but he don't want to talk to me, my world is my mother, grandma, and myself.

Now, I wish that she should get married again, so that after my marriage, she won't be alone.  I wish my father should marry her again, if the new wife has no problem in that. I discussed this matter with my grandma also (my mother's ma), she also liked this and she also said to me that pa hadn't do talaq 3 times. We don't want anything from them; my mother and myself are working,I need him as a good husband for ma and a good father.

Let him stay with his new family. But pa and ma are not ready for that, whenever I asked the reason, they don't have anything to say. No valid reason. She doesn't know whats in my mind. Now my question, is it permissible in Islam for a woman, who has an unmarried child, to marry another.?

I really want to find a good partner for my mother. What I am doing, is it haram in Islam? If I am doing wrong, please direct me in the right way; I am not much aware about the divorces and the then marriage in Islam.!

Pleas help me.


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  1. Salaams,

    An unmarried Muslim woman of any age can marry any Muslim man whom she chooses. It doesn't matter if her children are youth or adult, married or unmarried. I think it's a nice idea that your mother and father could reconcile and remarry, but they may have their own reasons for not doing so.

    I understand why you want your mother to have a companion to comfort her after you marry, but ultimately it's her decision how she wants to spend the rest of her life. There are probably advantages and disadvantages for both singledom and marriage that she has experienced, so perhaps the best thing would be for you to talk with her about her desires and goals, and then support her in whichever direction she is inclined toward.

    -Amy Editor

    • Salamunalaikum,

      May Allah swt forgive us.

      Your mother can marry regardless of what your marital status is.

      However to remarry her ex husband requires a bit more insight into how the divorce was done. I dont think anyone here would be in a position to tell you if your father and mother are allowed to re-marry in accordance with sharia.

      I suggest your father or mother should consult your local imam and ask their opinion if it is even possible.
      You can also do your own research online and refer to the Quran as well.

      Here is a link to how Dr Zakir Naik explains it - however some scholars would have a greatly different opinion than his:


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