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Would my Mum be better off without me?

Woman alone

I dont know what to do with my life !? My father died in 2007 and my mum married again. They have 2 children. We all mooved to France with my step father... He started to be very mean to us. He hitted my mum and insulted us BADDLY.

Now my mum is thinking to leave my stepfather and move back to denmark but now our whole family from denmark are saying that it's because of me they are getting seperated and they are saying i'm bad and mean and... lots of stuffs that i can't tell !!

I'm 16 years old and i want to run away from home so that my mum can live happily with her new family. HELP MEEEEE!

- Nimra

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  1. Dear sister,

    How bad you must feel... so sorry to hear you are in this pain.
    Of course you should stay with your mom. Talk to her and say you are worried. I guess your mom is worried and emotional as well.
    Why should people say you're the reason your mom and stepdad are fighting?
    You are sixteen years old, that's way to young to leave the house. Talk to your mother and share your thoughts.

    Walking away is not the answer.

  2. Salaam sister. I feel sorry for you. All I can I say is if your step father really loved your mum wouldn't he love what she loves too? Running away isn't a solution. It could make things worse. Your still young. What if you run away and your mother gets abused by your step father who would she have then. You need to speak to your step mother and find out what's the cause of all these pain. And then get your step father involved.

  3. Assalaamualaykum Nimra,

    You write:

    I'm 16 years old and i want to run away from home so that my mum can live happily with her new family.

    Honey, you are part of this "new family!" How is she going to "live happily" without you? Now of course, the family back in Denmark has some inner work to do, as the separation of two married, responsible adults cannot be blamed on a 16 year old. I take your word that it is not your fault. Are the two of them having fights? It is not as uncommon as you might think for fighting parents or families blaming it all on a child or kid, although it is very sad when it happens. Believe it or not, this happened to me too, so I fully understand your pain and you are not alone sister, although I know that doesn't make it any easier. 🙁

    May Allah give you a loving home with your Mum,



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