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Mum does not want my wife

Mother or wife?

Mother or wife?

Assalaam Aleikum,

I am married for two years now, at first my mum accepted the wife but a few months later they quarreled and since then my mum does not come to my home and does not want my wife to go to hers.

My sisters are on my mums side and they too do not visit us.

I do not want to see my mum angry with me for not divorcing my wife and too I do not want Allah anger for divorcing my wife for simple reasons.

I tried to talk to my mum and even my wife had apologized  to her but still my mum is adamant and does not want to see my wife.

What should I do?

Shukran wa jazaakallah kheir.



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  1. Salam,

    Do not leave your wife because she had an argument with your mum and that your mum doesn't like her! Allah will not be happy with you.

    Divorce is makrouh in Islam.

    Your wife did the right thing by apologising to your mum. Your mum's feeling must have been hurt but I suspect there is more to this. Try to get your siblings, dad, uncles and aunties to speak to her and get your mum to forgive your wife.
    If that fails, seat down with your wife and mum and tell them that in the Deen it is best to forgive and forget.

    It is a tricky situation but Inshallah in time things will get better.


  2. talk to your mom see what is the problem that she is not liking your wife for what reason if there are reason you can tell your wife about them and hopefully you all can fix the situation between you guys.

  3. Salam,
    From what you have given us, all you and tour wife can do is dua for mended relationships, continue to invite your mum even if she does not come, send her gifts, and offer help as often as possible even if she does not accept.
    There is not enough information to assist in any other advice, brother.
    InshAllah with time this hate will cool down and be replaced by love.

  4. Brother,

    The most beautiful quality I personally find within an individual is their ability to find forgiveness in any given situation and move on. Whatever the argument was between your wife and your mother was just argument. For your mother to be unable to find forgiveness even after your wife has apologized is childish.

    Live your life and enjoy your wife. Love and respect your mother as well. If your mother is not a big enough person to see how her actions are affecting you and your well being, that is a shame. Maybe you could arrange a meeting one on one with your mother and your wife with you present. Not your sisters or anyone else as that could be a recipe for disaster. You are in a tough position that is for sure. Good luck to you.


  5. Stand By Your Wife, RIP Mother In Law Mufti Menk

  6. AOA,
    The main reason is you left the person who give you birth and raised up you for just just a person who came 2 years before in your life, i know spouse has right to get new home and all other things of her own, but the thing is that you should do some compromises in life to keep things on right way, you and your wife should be living with your parents since beginning, i hope things get well with you brother.

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