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Muslim addicted to Marijuna

Marijuana leaf

Marijuana leaf.


Sallam aleikom brothers and sisters.

i have smoked marijuana for 2 years now, i want to stop but i'm too weak.

i pray and seek for forgiveness and help to Allah(swt).

the depression i'm in started 3 years ago, that's one of the main reasons i started smoking in the first place.

ive even considerd moving to my homeland in the hope i will stop this habit and start to be a good Muslim.

but it's more complicated than that. i wont leave my family (whom are good muslims Hamdoulilah). They also know that i'm smoking and telling me to hold on and i will stop when the time is right.

even though i'm sinning i am afraid that Allah(swt) wont forgive me.

im asking my brothers and sister to pray for me.

Assalam Aleikom

- ilias

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  1. Dear brother Assalamualikum!

    Addictions are very hard to get rid of they changes the chemical balance of your brain.You have to seek professional help join a de addiction centre .I am advising you as A pharmacist.Do not be ashamed to take professional help you must have been ashamed while starting it and not while leaving it and coming to right path .If you wont get rid of this your deen and duniya will be destroyed .Start with name of Allah and ask him to give Strenghth MAY ALLAH HELP AND GUIDE US ALL

  2. Seek professional help from a doctor ASAP, contact an addiction center asap, if ure in the UK call FRANK. You need to stop this asap because not only is it haram but it causes serious psychosis due to the specific acid found in weed.

  3. Wa'alaikumusalam wa rahmatullah brother.

    "the depression i'm in started 3 years ago, that's one of the main reasons i started smoking in the first place."

    Brother, I think your problem is not really the marijuana and fortunately quitting that is largely devoid of withdrawal symptoms due to the long half-life (it leaves the body very slowly so the body has enough time to adjust to being without it). It can be psychologically addicting though but there's not enough proof of it causing psychosis.

    That said, you need treatment for your depression because you said the depression started 3 years ago and that's the reason you self-medicated with cannabis (marijuana).

    I believe that if you get treatment for depression, whether it's through speaking with a psychiatrist, psychologist, counselor or an Imam, you'll no longer crave marijuana.

    I have an underlying depression too and unfortunately I turned to cigarettes (tobacco), which is of course injurious to health but I'm addicted. I know I must get treatment for the underlying depression in order to get off cigarettes.

    "even though i'm sinning i am afraid that Allah(swt) wont forgive me."

    Brother, in the Qur'an it clearly says do not despair of Allah's mercy.
    Allah Ta'ala will forgive you but you have to make an effort to stop using that drug and
    get treatment for the underlying depression.

    I believe the depression is the culprit. Please get treatment soon and until then, try going out in sunny places (the sun is good for helping depression) and getting regular exercise. Regular exercise is proven to help depression almost as well as antidepressant medication. Try bicycling, jogging or swimming at the pool or beach. Try reading some books and spending more time in the mosque.

    I've had depression for 25 years and found that going out more and socializing with good company helps.
    Going to the mosque helps a lot too. Crying to Allah in your du'as and prayers helps a great deal.

    Ask Allah Ta'ala to help your depression and psychological dependence on marijuana.
    Please pray for me too, brother, so I can quit smoking (tobacco).


    • Asalaamalaykum brother I'm going through the stages of trying to stop as well I am putting the effort in also because i know I am sinning, I have been asking Allah for forgiveness,strength and to put me on the right path.. please pray for me I need to overcome this and become a better person and Muslim as I am a revert to Islam. My withdrawal symptoms are very bad but I am not letting them over come me I can fight this with the help of allah and my own will power. I will get through this alhamdulillah.
      Also my brother I hope you can do it or already have, I will still pray that it stays away from you, I'm so glad I have been on the web tonight to look for other ways to stop and other people that are in the same situation.
      One more thing as well I also ask for my brother's to pray for me to get back to my deen.

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