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I converted to Islam, but no Muslim man will accept me

Heartbroken, broken heart


My dad ill treated and left my mom, brother and me when we were very young... Since then, we've had a very tough life... But Allah sustained us... Mom had an affair with another man after that only so she could sustain our needs... And everything was too bitter and i stored up all that bitterness in myself.. And faced a lot of rejections in my life..

I attempted suicide twice but cared too much for my mom.. So i couldnt die..

There is a guy.. He's a muslim.. Im a Christian.. But i got reverted to islam after i came to know the truth about it.. Alhamdulillah.. I was with him for four years byt now his family wants to get him married.. They wont accept me.

I keep begging Allah swt for help.. I know help will come... But somehow.. Daily the situation is getting worsened and the pressure from his family is increasing.. Due to which he wanta me to keep distance from him so that it doesnt get to hard on me.. But i really cant take this pain.. Im attached to him to a very bad level... U cannot imagine there kind of addiction i have toward him.. But he wont talk to me. Because his family gave him some advice... About not marryin me.. Cause he'll be settin a bad impression among his siblings as hes the eldest of the family.

He was the only hope for me to live in this world.. Now my mom wont accept me if i tell her i believe in islam.. Neither can he marry me... Nor will i get any other guy because i am muslim from my heart, i cant marry into any other family and believe in false gods.. But no muslim family will accept me.

im stuck very badly... I want Allah swt to talk to me.. I have no one to talk to and pour my heart out.. I feel suicidal and came here to read if ill be forgiven for suicide or not.. I dont want to do anything that will lead me to hell because ive faced too much in this life and i cant face it in the next.

I want help.. I need Allah swt... I dono what to do!


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  1. Salam look suicide is not the answer its shaitans whisper, thers a narration of a woman who went through the same thing distance yourself from him I know what your feeling I was there once they accepted me bu it didnt wotk out for us. Turn to Allah.

  2. My darling,

    You've just entered Islam and this is a time that is very critical for you. But Allah swt said that there is no burden that is placed upon you that you cannot handle. And Allah doesn't make mistakes.

    Let me tell you something, as attached as you are to this man, he has no worth. It's not that they do not accept you because of who you are. How could they know you? They don't accept because they have no guidance or knowledge of Islam. One of the biggest points of Islam is taking care of those in need, and this man did not take care of you. Move on, don't waste any more tears or time with this man.

    Second of all, there is no room for pre-marital relations in Islam, and that is to prevent things like this from happening. You obviously have Islam in your heart because you don't want to commit any sins like idolatry. And Allah swt promised to guide those who have even the smallest desire for guidance in their heart.

    Allah swt will for sure guide you to what is right for you. But you have to have faith and patience in His help. Suicide is definitely the opposite of that and as long as you have a heart beat you have purpose in this world. Allah swt has never let me down. I've complained and been bratty but I can't even count how many times that He has opened the door for me. Even when I've sinned and i feel like Allah could never forgive me. And even when I feel like there is no hope.

    Have you learned how to pray yet? Because prayer time will be your time to connect with your Creator and it will give you serious relief. My biggest advice to you is to really throw yourself into your prayer. If you don't know how, go on YouTube or Google and find a video or diagram. There is the most benefit in your prayer.

  3. OP: There is a guy.. He's a muslim.. Im a Christian.. But i got reverted to islam after i came to know the truth about it.. Alhamdulillah.. I was with him for four years but now his family wants to get him married.. They wont accept me.

    I hope you learned your lesson. His family did not mind him having relationship with you. Some one may use you to get a citizenship.

  4. I want you to go to productive and an imam both will help you out InSha Allah.

  5. SubhanaAllaah sis,, have sabr.. this might be a test from Allah
    And harships comes ease

    Marry a man whose family will accept and love you.

  6. Alvia,

    When you are ready to accept someone new, try searching. I don't think your situation is as bad as you think it is. There are a lot of muslims would would love to marry a convert and don't come with the family issues you have with this guy. I know of 6 convert marriages where the convert married into a family and those people are still married. Some have been married for 10+ years.

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