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I converted to Islam, now I want to divorce my Christian wife

Divorce decree

As-salamu Alaykum

I embraced Islam last Fall because I wanted to have a fresh start in life. I was a Catholic and married my current wife 11 years ago in a UK registry office service. We have a son born in the UK but we live and reside in mainland Europe.

For many reasons I don't want to go into this posting, our marriage broke down long before I converted Islam. Now, I no longer love my current wife and wish to start a fresh life with another person, a Muslim woman.

I have not yet told my current wife that I am a Muslim - I am still learning the ropes of my new faith. However, I do plan to formally file a separation. Which law should I apply for the divorce to be heard under? The law of the country that I reside in or Sharia Law? I should point out that my main residence is Saudi Arabia as I travel home for only 8 weeks of the year.


- Sulaiman Ayyub


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  1. islamically u give her talaaq ...say i talaaq you .... or i divorce you i no longer want you ...then ur islamically divorced ....and she is no more urs....then go to court and draw up papres so u can be legally divorced..

    • I am a converted muslim and married to a converted muslim woman also. I am planning to divorce my cristian wife and she is in the phippines, is she needs to be here if i will proceeding the divoce? What best thing to do?

      • Islamically you can divorce her verbally, or, better, with a written and signed letter (not an email). However, to get a legal divorce in the Philippines is another matter, since, as you probably know, the Philippines has no legal divorce. You might have to pursue an annulment or seek a divorce in an Islamic court.

        Wael Editor

  2. Brother Sulaiman, becoming Muslim does not mean that you automatically have to divorce your Christian wife. Alhamdulillah, Allah guided you to Islam. Now, why don't you try to share what you've been given with your wife? Maybe she can be guided, Insha'Allah, and if that happens then maybe the love between you can be rekindled, as you will have a common foundation of faith to build on.

    If you really think it's impossible, then go ahead and notify your wife of your intention of divorce, and also divorce her legally in the UK.

    Wael Editor

  3. yes brother, treat your wife kindly , there is hadith that the best of you is the one best to his wife, anothe hadith is the one best to his family, so try her , treat her good , she might change for the better and your will get a great reward also try to be patient.

  4. Brother,

    I would just like to add here...I met a couple 12 years ago. He was raised Baptist and whilst performing research about Islam, he actually fell in love with the faith and accepted Islam. Like you, he didn't tell his wife. His wife was Jewish and they had two children together. When he did open up to her, you know what happened? She took the shahada and accepted Islam. She is a devout Muslimah and very involved within the Muslim community. So, as brother Wael states, just because you have accepted Islam...doesn't mean you should divorce your wife. Why not try inviting her to Islam and see her reaction? You might find that together, you can strengthen your marriage and possibly save it. Eleven years of marriage is nothing to sneeze at...try working on it together.

    No matter what you choose to do, good luck to you and welcome to the fold of Islam!


  5. Salaam

    Brother you have accepted islam now and as such are required to treat her with much kindness. I pray insha Allah whatever you choose to do, there is much good in it for all of you.

  6. He doesn't love her because she's not Muslim; he stopped loving her before that. Regardless, I'd try to work it out with her otherwise it's best to move on and let her live her life as you are living yours.

  7. pls need reply for islamic divorce brother will honor civil court in the philippines?

  8. Iam a Muslim man my woman is Christian she as said when we got married that she would convert but noway, I want divorce her now we have been together for 4 years we have got a son but in Brazil Ian not allowed to take him because of his age I need to be authorized from his mother. What can I do in this case please I don't want hi say with this woman.

    Now I want to go to my homecoubtry and marry Muslim woman from there .i am fed up but I don't know what can I do with my 18 months son .coud yu help me please what should I do

    • Rabie, there is nothing you can do. If you divorce her and return to your home country, you will almost certainly have to leave your son behind.

      This is why I recommend that Muslims in the West should not marry non-Muslim women. Hopefully others can learn from your experience.

      If you need further advice please register and submit your question as a separate post, and we will answer you in turn Insha'Allah.

      Wael Editor

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