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Muslim fiance’s family are angry because I’m part Jew

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I'm engaged to a Palestinian man from Dubai. He told his family about me and they were cool with me being a white American. But I am also 17% Jewish. I was never raised as a Jew, I was very informally raised Christian. I am not a practicing Christian though.
I happen to be very pro-Palestinian when it comes the Israel issue. That's how I met my fiance, was through a Palestinian solidarity group. I was not prepared for the backlash from his family.
His sister snuck into his messages and read EVERYTHING that we wrote to each other. So she saw that I say I'm part Jewish and she also saw all the things I said about how I feel about what is being done to the Palestinian people. Yet she overlooked that part and only told his family I'm a Jew. He tried telling them about me but they wouldnt listen.
Before I ever met him I started reading the Quran and looking into Islam. He asked me if I'd ever consider converting but he only wants me to if I truly believe. I need to know more about Islam before I can decide to convert but I am not opposed to it. I live by a Mosque and am going to talk to the Imam. My fiance says he will accept me either way and he has turned against his family for their hatred of me.
I need advice and opinions on what you think about this, what I should do, what I should be aware of, what I should know etc etc. Thank you very much for your time.


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  1. Salaam/hi sister
    Yes there a misunderstand between you and them. I dont think they care if you are part jewish but as my knowledge as muslim sister, it is forbidden (haram) to marry a non muslim. I think the parents dont wish for their child to married an non muslim and their grandkids turns non muslim as well. And he cant marry you without you being muslim first, thats why he want you to think hard and turn muslim on your own desire. If you have intention about turning muslim then you can hold on to him as he is holding on to you. Once you have converted and yet the family still refused then you both have right to go through the marriage. Islam is about always forgiving and forget. And if they cant do it then they will be wrong. So think carefully about the islamic way and inshallah (God willing) will be okay.

    Hope this helps
    Good luck sister!

  2. The advice above, though well intended, is incorrect. Muslim men can marry women of the Books, which includes both Christian women and Jewish women. There is no requirement or pressure for you to convert. Please study and research Islam. It's a beautiful but very misrepresented religion. If you find that its teachings appeal to you then perhaps one day you will be ready to convert. But again that is purely your decision. You not obligated to do so for anybody but yourself. Having said that it sounds like your man's family's issue stem from a cultural issue not a religious one. There's obviously a lot of bad blood between Palestine and Israel. But good and bad people exist on both side. You and your fiancé should sit down with his family and have a heart to heart conversation about your views on the matter and having "17%" Jewish in you, I can safely say most of the Muslims have more Jewish blood in them LOL. Simply because most of our ancestors converted to Islam ages ago well. Many were Jewish. I hope the his family reacts well to your honesty and accept you. However if they don't, it's their loss. Your fiancé is supportive. Get married and eventually his family will come around and change their opinion if u once they get to know u in the long run.

    Good luck!

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