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Assalamu alaykum, I am a muslim girl who married a hindu boy who converted to Islam. He is a very nice boy who is a firm believer in Allah ever since he converted. I am sure I wouldnt be able to find a muslim born boy who has better values & morals than him. I would never take the decision of marrying him back because i know he converted with his true heart & does believe in only Allah.

The problem is that he is the only son so we live with his parents. His parents are very nice people but they are hindu. They know we are going to raise our future son who is due soon as a muslim but I am having a very hard time living with his parents since they have idols around & they drink alcohol. I dont want my son to be raised around that kind of environment. I love my husbands parents but he does not want to leave his parents at any cost.

I try to explain to him that our son & future kids will be influenced being around hindus when their parents are muslim but he says his parents are not going to be around forever since they are old so we shouldnt leave them. I dont even mind if we move in house right next door to them but i believe we should live separately for our children. We are restricted to just our room for praying in & listening to surahs in.

I am so confused on how to convince my husband that i just want to live separately just for the sake of Allah & living in a completely muslim household. Him leaving his parents is the biggest deal to him & his parents even if we live next door so I dont know what to do.

I love my husband but he does not even pray salah. He just reads Quran & believes in Allah & says that salah will come with time since hes only been converted for a year. Salah is his biggest struggle.

I want to make sure my son is a practicing muslim. But in this hindu household there are idols & my husbands parents celebrate diwali & other holidays at home & do aarti. I dont want my son to participate in these things but my husband is not understanding the seriousness. He just keeps saying we will see with time & dont worry our kids will be raised muslim. I just dont want to live in a interracial household anymore now that im pregnant. I dont know how to make my husband understand.


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  1. you want a son? or is it the ultrasound report.

    he should nt leave his parents that would be so selfish, you didnt think before marriage now you are raising the issue, do they force you to celebrate and worship idols, do you have any insecurity regarding to your own faith?

  2. Are u and your husband from different countries? I'm an Australian and my wife is from Africa but if she decides she wants to become Muslim or Buddhist or whatever and practice and pray at home or even at my parents house - there's nothing wrong with that and she's free to do so without discrimination. Here's a loosely translatable example. My wife sleeps all night. Then she likes to sleep at least half the day. Which is fine except when she expects me and my half Indian daughter from a previous relationship to be quiet whenever she's sleeping in the day after sleeping all night - that's a little bit selfish. I try to be quiet but it's not like it's the middle of the night. The point is your parents in laws are allowing you to practice your religion in their home even after their son requiring to convert to marry you. You should be grateful and appreciative for their hospitality and support. If u stay there you and your husband will inherit the house and will have grand parental support for assisting with new born baby.
    There are idols everywhere but we don't have to worship every idol that we see. Surely you must have your own little collection of idols so why would seeing other idols inhibit or restrict on your beliefs? If your faith in your religion gp strong then these other idols should be just decorative wood carvings to your eyes, just as a Jesus and cross on a wall is a decorative wood carving to me (sort of ish).

    And I suppose that you don't pay rent at his parents house and have plenty of meals and cleaning done for u. Personally I would like my independence so across the street or next door may work for your husband but don't say for religious reasons - say for independence reasons and then you'll be able to make as much bedroom (or any room) noise as u want! but if money is the issue with moving out, maybe consider the granny flat (or a converted shed) at the back of his parents house.

    At the end of the day marriage is about give and take, sacrifice and compromise, take the bad with the good. He has converted for u because maybe he sees his love for u and his life with u is higher than any religion. So what's more important? Entitledment or enlightenment?

  3. this is serious because im a revert myself .My question is if he excepted Islam he should know that salah 5 times is compulsory fardz!!!! Salat is like a head on a body??Anyone who doesnt pray salah he is outside the fold Islam.(hadith)also salat differiates between a beliver and idol im confused.Is he playing with you because he loves or did the parents put black magic on him????Theres alot of possibilities....Is you nikkah done according to sharia??? There is one way you can find out if he has a jinn in him...Ask him to do one favour and that is listen to an audio for 13 -15 mins with you silent no distractions .Tell him it will help protect us and give us blessings.This is selected Duas of prophet to get rid of jinns and witch craft........It is called Manzil.You can download from app store. The reason i say this is because Hindus have a deep hate for muslims .It is inside them and some dont show it but the truth always comes out.Remember they worship alot of idols and they deal big time bad jinns.Also my wife is a scholor so becareful ,just because there nice outside doesnt mean what the inside really conceals.Dont forget these guys pray over there food and do alot of blk magic sooo watch out. You can ask the mom what is her opion if we decide to move out. see what her reaction is,because you have too get out the house has evil within the home especially you are not praying thats a big sign already.

    • Thanks for ur suggestions Damco300765, but my hindu in laws are very liberal. They have idols set up in one room & they don't ever go & worship them unless it's diwali or something. I just dont want to raise my son who will be Born soon around idols that's why I want to move out to a place even next door to my husbands parents house but my husband isn't agreeing to ever leave his parents. It bugs me a lot because I married him thinking he will eventually start to pray salah but the only time he prays is when we are around my family which is not much because they live in a different state. So basically my son's only influence for his religion will be me & I'm constricted to praying & listening to surahs in just my room. I just fear the future of my kids living in a hindu household which I should've thought of before. I just dont know what to do now that I'm in this situation. My in laws forcefully made me say that my son will be half & half but I will make sure I don't let that happen that's not even possible but my in laws think that when a grandchild is born he is supposed to follow his grandparents.

    • I don't think it has anything to do with magic because my in laws are barely home they never go to the temple & like I said they never do aarti unless it's diwali. They are very modern. They eat meat & drink alcohol. My husband listens to surahs with me in my room but he doesn't pray salah.

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