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Fatwa on cycling for Muslim women

Thai Muslim woman on a bicycle

Thai Muslim woman riding a bicycle past a campaign sign.

What is the Islamic ruling on Muslim women cycling?

- shahanara


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  1. Muslim women can participate in any activity of life and any sport, as long as they can keep their hijab. There are women nowadays who win martial arts tournaments while wearing hijab, and compete in Olympic sports.

    So there is nothing wrong with women cycling. Aside from being a sport, in some countries, cycling is the primary means of transportation. It's cheap, fast and environmentally friendly.


  2. As per i am concerned its not allowed because it is going to be hard to keep your self covered but you can ride if you can cover your self and maintain the rules.

    • If she [the woman] is allowed to ride a horse/donkey/mule etc, then why is she not allowed to cycle.

    • I ride my bike in hijab all the time, to get to school and the grocery store plus it's just fun. I ride in bad traffic at high speeds, and the only time my scarf slipped was during a torrential rainstorm. It's very easy to keep hijab on a bike, just make sure everything is secured for your own safety plus your deen. I think a long tunic with baggy pants binded at the ankle with reflective ties plus a pinned scarf works best. If you wear skirts just wear leggings beneath them. They also sell athletic hijabs online. :)I

  3. Sister, take these types of questions to the 'Ulamâ, they are the one's who give fatâwa.

    (al-’Awa’iq, p. 26)Ibn Barjas (rahimahullâh) said:

    “ If you want knowledge from its sources then you should stick to the great scholars [Kibâr-ul-'ulama]: those who have gray beards and weak bodies and have lost their power in [pursuit of] knowledge and educating. Stick to them before they disappear[ie die] and take from their treasure before they take it with them. One misses the full-moon in the dark night.”

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