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Buddhist temple complex at Bodh Gaya, India

Buddhist temple complex at Bodh Gaya, India

There is this girl i really like. She just so happens to be a converted devout to Islam. I just so happen to be a somewhat Atheist Buddhist.

After meeting a few times in private, we've learned that we adore one another. She says that she cant marry me (or even date me for that matter) until (or unless) i convert to Islam..

I've contemplated the idea, and was curious if this is the only way. Is it forbidden to date/marry outside of the Muslim Community?

I've read somewhere that dating without the intent to marry is forbidden, but what do i know, i'm not the expert.

- Whyme123

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  1. The first issue here is that there can be no marriage between you and the girl, reason being she as a muslim woman is only allowed to marry a muslim man... But for a muslim man, apart from being allowed to marry a muslim woman, he is also allowed to marry chaste women from among the jews and christians but it is strongly not recommended because of the problems that would be araising btw the couples due to the interfaith marriage.. I think i support the idea of your conversion to islam, there is nothing that you would loose., it's a very beautiful religion and it would lead you striaght to God-Allah (in arabic). The religion is mainly based on the worship of the one true God and submition to HIS WILL. Another thing is God Almighty has promised garden of paradise/jannah to those who do good and rightous deeds while they are beleivers (ie muslims). Paradise where you shall receive all the funs, entertainments and enjoyment that you (as a human) can never imagine, and you shall dwell and bask in that sweetness and pleasure for all eternity.. This is what Allah has promised the beleivers (muslims) who do rightous good deeds ordained by Allah.. There is no joke in this brother, you would'nt like to miss it.

  2. Whyme, what the girl told you is true. She cannot marry you unless you convert to Islam. A Muslim woman is only allowed to marry a Muslim.

    She also is not allowed by Islam to date you, even if you do convert. We don't do "dating" as it is known in the West. In Islam there is no physical contact allowed before marriage, and a woman and man are not even supposed to be alone together in a room.

    It is common, however, for Muslim men and women to talk in public settings, and get to know each other that way. Some conservative Muslims may disapprove even of this, but in my opinion it's an acceptable way for them to learn about each other.

    Wael Editor

  3. AND WHOEVER SEEKS A RELIGION OTHER THAN ISLAM, IT WILL NEVER BE ACCEPTED OF HIM, AND IN THE HEREAFTER HE WILL BE ONE OF THE LOSERS (ie dwellers of hell fire for all eternity)..Koran3:85. This is God's own word, and it's a warning to all human kind before the great day comes.. This may be an oppurtunity for this massage to get through your ears and heart parhaps may be you may take heed, before the judgement day comes and the decree of Allah (ie this verse i quoted from the koran) must surely come to pass..

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