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Dear ,

This is Shumaila. I want to discuss about my dream which i saw in January 2011. But i still have no conclusion.

Dream About Holy Prophet Muhammad Saw . I have seen Holy prophet since i was 10 years . Now my age is 26.

I had a boy friend in my college life. We loved each other very much . We had a relationship for one year . But suddenly he changed and left me without reason . I just broke when he left me. he went to UK for higher studies. and never contacted me since 7-8 years. he left me in 2010.

At some evening in January 2011, I was thinking that when he was in love with me then actually Allah helped me to make him love . Then suddenly i saw that i am in the sky in space , two moons are there and Holy Prophet Muhammad Saw are there , He joined two iron rods and said to me with smile  "I have also helped in this "

Please find the attachment for better clearance.

Also note that guy has never contacted me . i have contacted him many times but he never gave me response. i don't know what he do or he has got married or not . Please help me in this case what should i do . because unconsciously i am waiting for him due to of this dream .




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  1. its 2017. i advice you to move on please and marry somebody if you can.

    about dream. i do not understand but it seems that the guy went far away from you its only because Allah wanted it. now i m not saying that the guy is a bad person or you are a bad person. you were not good enough for eachother's faith. or may be that guy would have proved harmful for you idk. you know about him if he was that type of guy or not?. but to be sure he was not meant for you and you could have sinned.

    you said :Allah helped me to make him love then prophet s.a.w said (in a dream) "I have also helped in this "

    two iron rods: it could be one rod and would have bend it so it looked like two. you should mention it was two. or it was one that was bend and become two.

    so if we see from this scenario it was the beginning and the end. two rods : 1 beginning of the relation 1 ending of the relation ( which is offcourse haram) i m not saying you are bad.

    the prophet helped you in two ways. 1- took you from darkness to light (faith) by the command of Allah
    2- took you from darkness ( harm relation, sinful , zina etc) to light (safety of nafs). saved you from more sin by the command of Allah.

  2. listen carefully and take it seriously

    Allah wants to save you from sin. its a fortunate sign to see dreams like this. try to focus more on Islam please this is what Allah wants.
    stop running to the direction whose doors have been closed by Allah. dont do this it would be harmful for you.

  3. You need to concentrate on the here and now. As in the present real world, not the dream world and the present, not anything that happened 7 or 8 years ago. You had a relationship with someone and they are no longer in your life. That means you should continue your studies or be a good worker at your job, find appropriate interests and consider meeting someone else who you can marry. Who knows what the meaning of your dream was. The man you cared about is long gone. If you continue to focus on a dream, you will miss out so much that life has to offer, wonderful people to share your life with and possibly someone you can have a great life with.

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