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My best friend claims a boy is in love with her, but they have only talked for 2 weeks. I don’t know what to do.

Two Muslim girls.

How can I help my friend avoid haram?


Assalam walaikum

I am a 14 year old girl. Born and raised in England. I was brought up with a great  understanding to why it's haraam  to have an intimate relationship with the opposite sex.

however, i recently found out that my best friend is in a relationship, (she was brought up like me) there is no touching, kissing or anything like that, but I know it will end up leading on to that, because these little bad sins lead up to the worst of worst sins. I've talked her out of the relationship and they broke up, however he's been claiming that he's in love with her and he doesn't like seeing her crushed and apparently I'm just interfering in their lives. She's very naive and is starting to believe and trust him. Being that they're 14 years old and talked for 2 weeks, I feel that they're both just hormonal and not in love, she's believing his words. She's going against her parents,her brothers and ALLAH and she knows it, but can't help it. I'm only 14 and can't exactly help her  fight these temptations and explain to her that he's just using her and leading her on! I know that us teenagers do go through this phase, and when we've been brought up in such a society where having bf/gf 's  seems quite normal! I just need help conveying this message to her so she understands before it's too Late!!! Can you please help me?

Hope to hear from you soon and get some answers.


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  1. As Salamu alaykum Dear little sister,

    Ow how I wished I had a friend like you when I was young. I love people who see problems of others and want to help without wanting something in return.
    You are on the right path and please stay this way because it seems like you only want the best for your friend.
    Make dua for your friend and stay in contact with her even if she is mad at you for interfering.
    Be patient and in sha Allah your friend will eventually understand.

    Good luck!

  2. Assalamualaikum ..g
    Ur really very gud person
    ALLAH Always help you sister
    Because u want to do some gud thing fr ur friend
    ,Allah subahanahutala always support ( gud thngs)you sister
    Allah is ur side my sister. Make dua for your friend.

  3. The best i can tell you is to make dua from Allah for guidence!

  4. Salaam. First up id like to say big up england. Year 9/10 is when these things usually happen. U can try to help ur friend as much as u can but its honestly up to Allah wether she goes astray or not. May Allah guide.
    Stay strong sister.

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