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My boyfriend lied to me but I am happy that I converted to Islam

Assala malaykum rahamatulla wa barakatuho

Two. years back i meet an Egyptian man, whom i got a relationship. I was not a Muslim at that time. I adore him soo much, and i find the whole. world with him. Before we got into this relationship i asked him if there was no problem with his family getting another nationality, then he replied me with " my family is open minded" and this statement makes me stronger as we are always spending time with each other. One year, after having our relationship, he went on vacation for 3 months in Egypt, I asked him to call me as soon as he reaches Egypt's ground but he never did that. My whole world was turned apart, even tried to resign and stay for good in my home country.

I used to always drink alcohol. at that time, spend too much for partying and going to disco, I did everything to forget him, in fact i had sex with. two different. men. One day, he called me (that was a week before he will come to UAE) he told me how he misses me and gave me explanation why he wasn't able to call me (until now, i am not convinced with the reasons he said). i told him tearfully and with full honesty about what had happened to me when he left me, he was also crying on the other line and told me to forget everything.

As soon as he got from Egypt, we never had a contact for a month. My broken heart was trying to recover the pain he gave me. I told myself "I was stupid to ruin my life with someone who isn't worthy". Later, he phone me asked for. forgiveness and here I go... we'd spent another year... together again.

He went on vacation again, and this time we had a communication. When he flew back to UAE, he was with his younger brother.

After a few months, i converted to Islam with my collegue who convinced me long time before. Ma sha Allah, i learn how to. take care of. myself properly.

This time,. my relationship. with my boyfriend was good.. I. was confident. because I am. also a Muslim like him... till one day he told me, we have to give up our relationship... as we dont have a future.

I was. really hurt but I have forgiven him for. everything. And i don't want to be the same old me, partying, drinking and having sex with a stranger.

Ma Sha Allah, i am happy now that I have been guided to Islam.

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  1. So lucky of u to find Islam in the world today darl^_^
    I'm sorry to hear about your ex-lover, may you'll find another guy who's worthy of you. Enjoy your life and be a good muslimah. Let's be strong goin thru the thick and thin of life. Lots of love=)

  2. subhannallah sister boyfriend is haraam in happy for you that you became a muslim.

  3. i really happy to hear you converted.

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