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My boyfriend’s parents don’t approve…should we part ways?


My boyfriend and I met through a common friend and hit it off since then.  He is a Muslim and while I believe I'm God, I don't identify with any religion. We get along really well, we can have deep and meaningful discussions. This is surprising for both of us because never in our life we have found that until we met each other.

We are both very logical and can most of the time maintain a healthy ground with our cultural differences (I'm Hispanic and he's Pakistani). We see eye to eye in many things, and we agree that our relationship is surprisingly great. We’re extremely compatible, which we’re thankful for.

He wanted to take a step further in the relationship and asked his mother for the blessing (which she agreed). That ease our worries quite a bit. He was very vocal about us getting married and was really happy with the idea of having a future with me. Until we spoke with his father.

When talking to his father to accept our relationship (even his mother tried to get his father to approve), he called an Imam to ask him a question (it was an inside question) and the response was "no." Because of this, his father didn’t give him the approval.

Even after that we still decided to be together, but now I feel that he has distanced himself from me. At the beginning he was really committed with the relationship but he says that he doesn’t know anymore. He loves me and shows it every day but I feel that everyday, he’s further away from me.

He says that he doesn’t like the uncertainty. He does not like being in the shade of gray because he feels he’s not in control (he likes being in control with his life and decisions). He’s scared of the future and so am I.

Should I let him go? Or should we continue the relationship even if the future looks gray?

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  1. Do not marry this man!!! They care more about his parents views than you. They are harsher and less openminded in those countries.

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