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My brother is an abusive son

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Asalamualaikum. my brother disrespects my parents every now and then.. he tortures them every day .. he says stuff to my father that one won't wish for enemies .. he tells him i will hit you by the truck, you will die over there with your organs being scattered .. you are a dog .. i will spit on your face and make everyone do that .. astagfirullah .. he brings the past every time as to when my father would have been rude to him or scolded him... but that's the part of bringing up... parents can be really harsh but only for our betterment.... my father and mother do a lot for us ... sacrifice everything and this is what he gets in return .. i really wish my brother dies....
he constantly makes it clear that he will never let my parents be happy .. he will make them cry always ... he won't let them be peaceful...
our home has become the hell for the three of us due to him.. we are always crying .... i fear for my mother's health a lot ... he is not bothered ....
i hate him... i really wish he dies.. i can't explain the situation in a paragraph or so.. i want your advice on this matter .. and also want to know the islamic point of view for such a child
please answer to my question .. it's very urgent .. please


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  1. Oh my, first of all, sorry to hear what's going on. How old is your brother for him to be acting in such a way? That's just plain rude and horrible as heaven is under our parents feet. If this were to ever happen in my household, we would get uncles or someone my brother fears and is scared of. May Allah make everything easier for you inshallah

  2. How old is your brother?
    Since when has he been like that?
    Somebody, something or some failure is bothering your brother too much. He is probably holding your parents responsible for that because he does not know where else to turn to.
    Find out his problem and get him psychiatric help.

  3. Asalam Alekum.

    I am in the same situation too but I am the bad one and I know it, it is all my parents fault for raising me like that.

    I have too much in my heart that I do not know who I am anymore.

    I hate my parents and my
    Siblings at times but that's all due to my aunties and uncles telling me to look after them when my parents are not raising them like Muslims.

    my mother brings up the past always and my dad hates me literally and wishes I die.

    I know this because when I was 3 I did some sexual acts that is against Islam and he burnt me when at that time I did not know what I was doing.

    Sister do not hold jealousy against your brother if your parents are comparing you to your siblings.

  4. Muslimah01: my mother brings up the past always and my dad hates me literally and wishes I die.

    I know this because when I was 3 I did some sexual acts that is against Islam and he burnt me when at that time I did not know what I was doing.

    I feel sorry for how your parents are treating you.
    Get married and move away from your family.

  5. I am going through some tough times with my family members as well. I used to think what I went through was bad, but seeing your post makes me think otherwise. I've been hit with a high heel, slapped across the face, called an animal, punched repeatedly, told to go die.....but I don't think it was nearly as awful as what you're describing.

    Sister, depending on the age of your brother, he can move out of the house and live on his own. This is especially convenient if he has a stable job. If not, your family can have him move away and support him financially until he can get by on his own.

    Have you had others approach him to try and talk to him? A respected uncle in the community, or an imam or sheikh?

    Some of the stuff you have mentioned does not seem normal. Perhaps he needs to be seen by a psychiatrist or therapist, inshAllah this will help control anger

  6. Your parent are the door and key to janah...Allah will punish him if he doesn't realize and repent....tell him your wasting your time and life....he is only cursing himself so any authentic hadith.......on the statis on parents......remind him of death and there is no guarantee that you will live tomorrow. ..

  7. I wish to be your eldest brother then I would have brought him to his senses in one slap. I can only pray for him that May Allah give him some hidayah ...

    Please if you can make him read the following commands of Allah regarding parents:

    And your Lord has decreed that you worship none but Him. And that you be dutiful to your parents. If one of them or both of them attain old age in your life, say not to them a word of disrespect, nor shout at them but address them in terms of honour. (23) And lower unto them the wing of submission and humility through mercy, and say: "My Lord! Bestow on them Your Mercy as they did bring me up when I was young." (24)

    Allah Says : And We have enjoined on man
    (to be good) to his parents:

    in travail upon travail did his mother bear him,
    and in years twain was his weaning:
    (hear the command),

    "Show gratitude to Me
    and to thy parents:
    to Me is (thy final) Goal."

    [46.Surah Al-Ahqaf : Ayah 15]

  8. excuse me confessor,,,first make sure whats the scenario going on with,,maybe ur brother has mental issues, and he cant cope with lil minor issues at home,,, please i request u look at the scenario frm all angles,,, u are such a stupid pathetic sisster for wishing death for ur brother, ! SHAME on u...

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