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Salam sisters and brother,

I need advice as I'm feeling very down today it's been a hard day and couple of years. Today was hard bcuz I seen so many people succeed and are done school on Facebook. And I'm nowhere near not envy or jealousy I'm just upset at myself.

Just a background on me im a 25 year old lady and currently study part time in college for business.

I've always had trouble in school when I was younger and even in high school I was taking classes below college which was workshop course that help me get a job at minimum wage but not go to college or university. I was told that I could never get into college or get an higher education.

When I completed my 4 years I ending up going to adult school and taking course when allowed me to get into college and that was another year waiting and pushing myself to do good. In which I did good and even did a couple of university course at the adult school overall I did okay. I was interested in science and dental health. So I went to a private college in which marks don't need to be high I got in of course since they are just after money and after 4 months of study dental which I loved I stopped going and dropped out bcuz it was getting hard and I was about to be kicked from that program.

after one year of that I ended up apying for college and I wanted to do nursing which the marks toy need have to be very high up.
So I ended my doing pre health program which is a year than if I complete that my chances of getting into nursing are more high.

After one term I was passing and just passing my course in the program but after one year came close to the end I knew I had no chance of getting in! I was so upset but I moved on and my sister she is in business so I though i try to see how I would like that.

My math marks were not good and not at college level as I was interested in science before I was improving all those marks.

But there was a business program that was Ove year and if I completed it I could switch half way into a diploma or degree program if my marks are good.

I applied for that and that was after waiting until the fall and once I got into that program I was overall doing okay. But my marks wre not good for the degree so I stayed in the program and completed the year but I failed two courses so I never received my cerification.

After that I applied for the following year for business marketing program which is two years and I got into it and most of my course I taking before so my course load was low and it was good for me to study.

But when it cam to the second term there was too much for me to handle I stressed and ending dropping out courses and I lost one term.

Now I'm still in the program but part time bcuz it's very hard for me. For most people General business is a very easy program as all the course are just basic course in math accounting and so on.

Right now I have completed 7 courses and I need to complete 18 left which is a another year and half but since in part time now who knows how much longing that will be.

I'm currently doing accounting course in the summer and only the one course bcuz i find it so hard I can't even do two classes.

I'm so upset at myself most people I know from high schol are done there education and been workibg for couple years and look at me I'm so stupid and beside. I just want to give up on my education bcuz I feel I will never finish at this pace.

I was happy and proud when I got accepted into college but I can't even complete a simple program. What to I do? I don't want to work in a low skill job my whole life I have so many goals and dreams about my jobs.

Why is it so hard for me I pray to Allah why is it easy for some but me its very hard.

Is this a sign from allah that I should leave school? Like come on I wasted like 5 years and I'm old whT should I do? Give up ? Drop out and never look back?

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  1. Salam Sister,
    I have two children who are currently university students. Sometimes the courses are very difficult, and they get the urge to drop them. I always tell them to keep pushing ahead and not to drop any courses. If they end up failing, they can repeat the course, but this has never happened. Meanwhile, they have friends who drop courses on a regular basis, and I am pretty sure that some of these friends will not complete their studies. Something you have to understand is that the courses you take often have nothing to do with the actual job you will be doing in the future. So it is not the end of the world if, for example, you are weak at math and want to study nursing. You just need to focus on passing the courses you need to graduate. Tackle them one by one, study hard, and get help if needed. Do not overload yourself, and just keep going. By Allah's will, you will make it, Insha'Allah. If you drop out of school, there will come a day when you regret your decision. You are very close to achieving your goals, Insha' don't worry about what other people are doing or what they think.

  2. Have you tried visiting a psychologist to find out if you might have some learning disability like dyslexia? If you do, your method of study has to change and the proper people can tell you how and what.

    All courses are hard once you get into high school. Consistency is the key to success.

    You say all courses are hard. What exactly
    is hard? Course material? Weak English? You do not like the subject?

    If you tire out easily, do you have a health problem? Iron/calcium/vit D deficiency? Thyroid issue?

    I would say complete your one year business program by retaking the two courses you failed. Your sister can help you. Then decide if you would like to get a job where you can climb up the positions as you get experience.
    Some people are practically smart. They find bookish knowledge boring. They would well be out in the world doing something rather than attaining degree papers. Maybe you are one of them. Find out!

  3. Salam sister, i am going through this same problem and 22 and still havent finished college but dont stop praying to ALLAH l. ALLAH doesn't close one door without opening another door i pray for you and maybe you can pray for me. It will all work out.

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