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My engagement ended over a misunderstanding

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I need help I am a muslim sister and I was engaged but now I am not because my attendant left me because of a mistake that happened.

So here is the story...

1 day I was inside of a store and a kufar approached me by asking me was I engaged and I said yes but then the kufar seen my attendant and congratulated him on our engagement and then out of nowhere he flipped on me because he said I didn't tell him that he even spoke to me. I know I didnt say anything to my attendant but I felt as though it wasnt nothing big it wasn't a big issue. For the past week he been cursing me out, calling me names and I'm so hurt because he's saying that I played him and all this wrong stuff. I'm so sorry but I didn't feel as though I needed to tell him that nothing happen I was just asked a question. Did I deserve to be left and unattendant? I'm out of attendance because of this and he is saying he doesn't want me back because I hurt him for lying and hiding this... and on top of all this we have 2 children together.

What should I do?


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  1. First of all how do you know if he is a kafir??? Did you actually ask him about his faith??
    Did you know this guy?? People don't usually come and ask you if you are engaged hmmm very strange
    Why are you sorry for? Your boyfriend sounds like a psychopath. Cursing you and calling you names just because of this?not that he has the right to treat anyone like this. He probably didn't want to marry you in the first place and was looking for an excuse to blame everything on you. You should be happy that you are not married to him. Why would you want to marry a psycho??? As you said on top of that you have 2kids together so for the sake of your kids leave him,why do you even want him back, do you get some kind of pleasure when he treats you like that??? Tell him to make a therapy and stop the communication with him.immediately. Please don't engage yourself in haram relationship in the future.

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