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My engagement in danger


I got married in the year of 2012. During the course of marriage my ex wife told me many times that she got married to me forcefully by her mother & sister. The days and months went by. During this period I lost my job in 2013 feb and immediately I got another job(marketing job) in March 2013. It was a big struggle for me, but also challenging as I was new to marketing and sales job. I worked for 2 years then finally my struggle ended and got job in another city.
Those 2 months, first time in my life I was away from my family(mom and my wife). Me and my ex wife, didn't like each other, but soon we adjusted with each other and we became good friends. When we are together we used to understand each other's feeling and act accordinly. When I got as different job. We moved again & started living in my Grandma's house.
Soon my mom also joined us & we 3 started living in that Big house. My sister's wedding was fixed and my grany's house was occupied with my relatives. The marriage was fun, but I didn't enjoy much during the wedding. I don't know why. The life was quite good, and also I got to learn and teach my fellow employees some part of technical what ever I know. I made few good friends in that company. Then one day I got another job. Then me and my Ex wife moved again . We stayed in that house for 5 months and decided to vacate. During this course of time. My ex wife's sister created so many problems between Me & her that finally it leads to Divorce(Khula).
My ex wife took Khula in the year of 2017. I was very upset on that day & cried in the court. I told her don't take divorce. But she didn't listen to me & gave me divorce.

Then God has decided to send a new girl in my life. Her dad called me & told that they wanted to meet me & alliance was sent by relative. But I told her dad that I cannot meet them as I was getting ready to leave to mecca. Then they told ok, once you're back from mecca we will meet inshallah. Then I left to Umrah with mom & my relatives. During that course of period staying in mecca was a great experience. My first visit to Mecca. I prayed to god & also asked forgiveness from god for both of us(myself & my ex-wife). Then we returned. I made 3 friends during the stay in Mecca & Madina.
When I returned back, I met the new girl in her house for marriage. Then all my elders and her parents spoke about my past marriage & then they left her & me to talk. They told you guys talk for 10 to 15 mins. But when me & her started talking to each other we didn't recognized that already 30 mins have passed as both we so much involved in each other's conversation deeply. I felt good about & we came back home. I didn't understand is she of my type or not & we both are compatible or not. But I wanted to meet her & talk to her & same case with her. Even she wanted to meet me & talk. Then her mom shared her number to my aunty & I got her number finally. Then next day I called her & told "can we meet". She accepted my invitation & same night we went for dinner.
I took chocolates for her and then we went to Dinner. Then days passed & soon we became close to each other. Finally I proposed & after few days she also felt for me & accepted my proposal. We both wr vey happy with each other & did engagement shopping also together. I was very happy during that period & before engagement I planned to buy a new car & took suggestions from her & mom. We both wr very very happy with each other & then bad evil eye spoiled our relationship. Even then we both wanted to marry each other but her mom didn't want us to marry as somebody whispered about me to her. That somebody is My ex wife's sister. I don't know from wr she got to know about us. She stepped in our life & spoiled our relationship.
Even today I love her & even she loves me. I'm praying to god, please send someone who can make our relationship work. I tried my level best to save my relationship,my engagement. Buther mom is so stubborn that she is not accepting our relationship. I tried to talk to her cousin sister through my relative & forced her to talk to her parents & convence them. But nothing worked out. Today my mom & my relatives are missing her and she also misses me & my family.
I don't understand why people with no reason get in to someone's life & spoil a relationship. My ex wife left me as we both are not compatible with each other. We very happy and Planning to get married. People like my ex-wife's sister will not let the world to be a happy place to live. She is one of the saddest woman in the world i have ever seen. I don't know what happiness she gets by spoiling relationships. She spoiled my 1st marriage and now my engagement(2nd ).
I don't understand how to save my engagement.Can you suggest some wazifa for me.


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  1. Assalamualaikum.
    There is no wazifa except the ones prescribed by the Qur'an and Sunnah. Download and read Hisnul Muslim and find the duaa for you. Read your morning and evening adhkar for protection
    A practical thing to do :
    Go to your ex wife's sister (with your parents) and talk to her and her husband and parents to stop her meddling and stay away from you and your wife to be. She already wreck your marriage to your ex wife, so dont let her do that again. Tell your wife to be family that this ex wife's sister is a homewrecker and the one who influenced your ex wife to seek for khula, so don't trust an ounce of her words as they are lies and poison.

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