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My family makes me suffer

sihr, black magic

Hi everyone, may Allah grant us success and knowledge. My family is making my life a living hell, my parents are under black magic.

First let me talk about my father, he is 60 years old but for 43 years he goes and see this so called cheick that gave him a ring when my father was 17 years old until now my father wears even when he is taking shower and he becomes aggressive sometimes. He tried to do business like 6 times for the past 20 years but he always fails. Either his money just vanished or the goods are stolen but I know for sure if he gives up about this old man and what he gives him all will be well with him because this is sihr and shirk without a doubt. So many times he tried to convince me that this sheikh is a good man who wants to help me. I am 30 years old and I have been sick so many times and my father would bring every time some papers writing something on it which I can barely read and put it inside a full bottle of water and drink but everytime I used to drink it before I will be more sick and couldn't concentrate in school.

Now let me talk about my mother's mother and my uncle and aunties. My grand mother from my mother side is a witch so is her daughters and son but I feel like my mother can be a victim or be be part of them. They always make sure we go to the house then they give us money food and gifts. They are a lot black cats in their house and I have dreams like they want to hurt me. My aunties and grand mother hate me so much and I don't feel confortable when I go to the house. Thanks to Allah, one day Allah showed me the true faces and I figure out they were witches.

My house is full of lizards, insects, cockroaches, black cats and sometime snakes. And I found something black like sihr in my father cupboard when I asked him what is it? He told me that it's a protection so that no one can harm his 9 children since he is the only son.

Since I found out that my grand mother, aunties and this old man are evil people who wants to harm my family, I try to protect my parents and siblings but my parents make my life a living hell because those evil can't do harm to me so they use my parents to harm me and insult me and spit on me. My mother refused to give me food. She is always sick. One time she vomited something green. She has all the symptoms of someone who is under black magic. There was one time she told me I will not find a job till she decided that it's up to her and I said in my mind only Allah provides for someone and gives him success not a human being.

Ameen ya rab. Please tell me what should I do?? I want to know what you think about this? Jazak Allah...

Allah knows best 66

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  1. Salam!

    You should take help from Allah. Offer 5 prayers and ask Allah to help and guide you. Recite Surah Baqarah, Ayat Al Kursi, [Surah Falaq & Surah Nas] and manzil for protection.
    May Allah help you!

  2. You want to learn A to Z's of sihr and healing through pure sunnah, then watch Tim Humble's any video on black magic and you could beat any enemy with the help of Allah (SWT).

    Black magic in simple words means the Jinns doing something physically which is really, really ordinary for them and magic for us! that's all! The most powerful Jinn that existed at the time of Sulaiman(A.S) was able to make a throne vanish and bring it to Sulaiman (A.S) that's it! and that was only one Jinn! and now what kind of Jinns do we have? A jinn entering someone's body? putting stuff in human body? move a thing or two? that's it. : ). and Mashallah! Allah (SWT) has put you in a great test! you pass the test and guess what? you get a very high place in Jannah!

    Reply if you don't wanna watch those lengthy videos and directly learn from here and start cleansing out black magic right away through, of course, the sunnah of our prophet (SAW).

  3. tell me what you believe
    you believe you are stupid
    so you are being one

    if same you changed your belief i am true to my lord
    what will be the effect
    they there is no better protector than Allah swt
    read ya vakil or ya wali daily
    you will see benefits in few days

    in you i see true weakness of faith(imaan)

  4. Salaam,

    You need to recite a lot of Quran and be on time and persistent with your 5 daily prayers. It could be possible that your household may be under some kind of black magic effect.
    If possible, put the Quran on your computer with speakers on in your house daily so there is a presence of Allah's mentioning within the household.
    Try to stay away from your uncle and aunt and constantly seek protection from Allah.

    These things do exist and you need to try your absolute best to keep away.

    DO NOT drink anything with paper in it or do anything unusual like that sort.
    Try to find someone who knows how to effectively dispose of the scriptures with non legible writing.

    May Allah keep you and your family under His utmost protection, Ameen.

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