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My father doesn’t let me marry him


I met a muslim boy in university two years ago and I was always into him, his reactions, behavior, chastity, but I was afraid to talk to him because he was a muslim. I was not a muslim back then, and I was always told that muslims are aggressive and ...(u know what i mean!). Finally I started a very 'formal' relationship with him although he was not really into relationships and he always treated me very formally! Time passed and once I asked him about women in Islam, and he started to talk about lots of things, and that was when I figured out that Islam is the truth I've always looked for in my life.

We fell in love with each other later. Well, I finally converted to Islam 2 weeks ago and he proposed me but my father didn't let me marry him and said(and still says and believes)  he will ruin my life and future. Even nowadays my father doesn't like to talk to me anymore. I know that muslims are not allowed to be rude with their parents and Allah likes those who pay attention to their parents, but my father is just against Islam, after all.

On the other hand, that guy is totally depressed after the proposal and those things my father told him. I don't have his number, but we usually see each other in the university. Yesterday he said "You will find someone better than me" and this sentence really destroyed me.

I am so unhappy, heartbroken and  don't know what to do. I feel sorry for him. But I don't know what  to do for him.  I'm sure he is still in love with me, and only my father's words made him sad. I also know that I won't find anyone on the planet just like him, who shared so many similarities with me. I love him so much... 🙁 I don't want to lose the chance of living with him...

What should I do now?! Is there anything I can do for him? Or I should forget about him? Is it considered "haraam" to ask his friends for his number and call him? Or should i first satisfy my father? I'm confued.....



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