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My father is addicted to drugs and unemployed

A person's drug addiction doesn't just affect them - it affects everyone around them, too.

A person's drug addiction doesn't just affect them - it affects everyone around them, too.

السلام عليكم.

I am a 19 years old girl who has a drug addict and unemployed father. I honestly don't know what to do. He always lies and gets money from his family for his drugs.

I need to get to university soon and he has to do my papers, but he isn't doing them and telling me that they need money. Whenever my grandfather gives him, he still doesn't finish it. I don't know what to do with him. My mom is suffering a lot and he has been taking drugs for almost 13 years now.

My siblings and I are no longer little kids who won't understand what is going on. He sometimes doesn't even want to take my siblings to school because he is so tired from not taking his drugs. He wastes money on drugs only.

What can I do? I really need help. I want to go to university but he is blocking my future with what he is doing. I can't go out by myself because I can't drive yet. My grandfather told him to finish my papers so I can get my license but he keeps on delaying it and says that they need money. When we give him the money, he doesn't get it done and says they need more money.

I can't even seem to forgive him anymore and I am hating him a lot for what he is doing to me, my mother, and siblings. I cry almost all the time because of the disasters he is causing for us. Please help me. Please tell me what should I do? Should I report him to the police and get him jailed?


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  1. Dear sister asalamilakum
    Please sister no matter what your father does how digusting it is please don't send him to jail. Because of your father u came to this world he gave u a life he taught u too talk and walk don't break his heart over his bad habits.
    Get your mum to speak to him give him warnings get his family members involved if still the situation doesn't improve send him away to rehab. If you are helpless like me who can't afford to pay for rehab then Tel your mum to separate from him until he sorts his self out.
    Sister I am a mother of 3 little princess and I always teach my kids to never get involved in an argument where it's between the two parents. I have a brother who's own child sent him to jail because he slapped her mum when he came out after 9 hours staying in the custody he was all heartbroken saying how could my own child do this to me.

    Please sister try the advice I've given u if it doesn't work then let ur mum send him to jail don't get involved.

  2. first ask are you praying salah and reading the holy quran obeying the commandments of Allah to the best of your knowledge because without this connection life will be lifeless etc..

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