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My friend says he was intimate with my girlfriend…

Assalam alaikum ..

I met a girl. She was my friend's girlfriend. They broke up completely when I met. We fallen in love and now we are in a relationship. But before I am going to meet her 1st time I came to know from my friend that during their relationship he tried to have sex and he done... not completely but till what end I don't know... When I asked my girl she said she has not done sex with him. Now I don't want to leave her. What I will do? I want to marry her please suggest in Islamic view.


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  1. You should know that boyfriend/girlfriend in Islam is forbidden. So I won't comment much on that.

    But what concerns me is that you're dating your friends ex girlfriend. How much of a friend is he to you?

    There is a hadith that talks about marrying a friend's ex wife. My phone is about to die so I can't find it for you. BUT you can fiND it thru google. really. I think the whole thing is a bad idea.

    Not to mention you may be in danger of affects from the evil eye from your friend. There's a video about that by merciful servant that you should watch. On YouTube.

    Okay 2% battery now.
    Barakullah feekum, my brother.

  2. OP: She was my friend's girlfriend......... I came to know from my friend that during their relationship he tried to have sex and he done... not completely............ When I asked my girl she said she has not done sex with him. Now I don't want to leave her. What I will do? I want to marry her please suggest in Islamic view.

    I guess there was no penetration. When a man has sex, people seem to care less, but when a girl does it, it becomes a big deal.

    You like this girl, get married and never talk about her past life

  3. This all but HARAM relations.cursed are those who follow the Devils invite.This bad news too know the ummat of prophet Muhammad.That is why the muslims in general do not get any help or respect from others because are connection with Allah is soon weak!

  4. AOA kh123
    Brother I am not an Islamic scholar or have got alot of knowledge but I do have some basic knowledge and common sense.

    I am apologising in advance if I say something wrong according to Islam. Please Do Correct Me in that case. May Allah forgive me for committing any mistakes while I say or write anything.

    So first of all you shouldn't have discussed all that with your friend about the girl you are thinking to marry, specially with the one she was commited in the past. Because I dont think so that a man would discuss his wife or future wife with his friends because it's a very very very personal matter. I don't know how your ego has permitted you to do that. Although such kinda relationships are strictly forbidden in Islam and are clearly HARAM without the need of any arguments. It's not bad to like some one but you have to chose the right way to get through that. However if u do like the girl you should choose the right way by asking her parents for her hand in marriage.
    Secondly if she was in a relationship with anyone else before you, and she has repented truly before Allah SWT then you should go for the marriage with the same girl. Don't listen to your friend because it's human nature that we can get jealous by the time we think we have lost the thing now someone else is getting hold onto. However I am not judging your friend just trying to tell you that if you have got no problem with the girl's past and if she has truly repented then you should get married ASAP. And never bring up her past or anything like that in future. So you have to make up your mind first, that you would never raise the issue about whatever has happened in her past. If you can let go, then marry her. But before marrying her do what I have suggested (letting go of her past) because it's important for both of your's life.
    And one thing more one of the commenter commented below that you can't marry a friend's ex wife and all that stuff. Firstly she was not your friend's wife. So if she can and you as well practice islam after repentance then go ahead for the marriage .I guess there is no issue in that. If I am making some mistake anyone can correct me. But I don't think so it's like that in islam.
    And last but not the least please don't try to find out the details about the extent to which she had sinned, is she repented truly Allah will surely forgive her because HE is merciful. And you should also try to forgive her and take a fresh start by not sneaking into her past anymore. And I am quoting it again " do not bring up her past if you wish to marry her". Be gentle and help her to get outta this and practice islam your self and make her do that as well. Advise her to turn to Allah SWT. And stop dating her. Quit the haram relation and try to make it halal by getting into marriage bond legally ASAP.
    Best of luck. May Allah be with you and may Almighty Allah forgive her and make your way easy. And bless both of you with Iman and takwah and an Islamic life ahead. Ameen. And Allah has already decided what's best for you just have faith in Him and leave everything to Him.
    May Allah bless all of us with Iman, peace and well being in this world and in hereafter. Ameen Sumameen.

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