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My friends are all married but I can’t even finish school

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I'm a 30-year-old guy and I'm stuck.

I couldn't complete my studies and left them halfway through. I started to work in 2018 and I had to take my exams with work but I was too lazy and I wasted time.

Now fast forward four years...I feel like I'm not getting good jobs because of my incomplete studies. Educated girls do not want to marry me because I couldn't complete my degree.

If I continue my studies, I need two more years to complete them. But everything seems so difficult, as I feel mentally drained. I feel old and tired. Studying while working a job is so difficult.

Please share some useful advice with me. Is 30 too old to study? Can I continue my studies after marriage?

All of this is bothering me so much these days that I'm losing my confidence as well because all my friends are married. Some people even tell me I won't be able to study with additional marriage responsibilities.

What should I do?


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  1. Peace be upon you,

    Only God can guide you through the darkness you are right now, pray in the silence of your Heart and the Light that will take you out of darkness will shine through, Inshallah.
    Take a paper and write down your goals, set your priorities in those goals, write down the steps you have to take to achieve succes in your goals, set a time to begin and a time to end,, one step at the time follow your guidelines to achieve success in being the best you can be, be strong in your here and now.
    Breath consciously, sunbathe, eat healthy, drink water, pray and be who you are meant to be.

    You are alive, the world is yours, you are a young man carrying the heavy weight of dispair, once you set your priorities, hope will appear inside of yourself, you are stuck because you want to be in three places at the same time, you can do whatever you want, but not at the same time. Prioritize, take care of yourself,be persistent and go for your first goal, inshallah.

    Through your words seems that finishing your degree will open the rest of the doors, if you were my son, my advice would be go for it, graduate, see your job as the bridge that will take you where you want to be. Open your senses beyond the others ideas. Put your shoulders back, straight your back and show the world the man you can become, step by step, go for it. Just for the fact of asking for help, I feel so proud of you, you want to improve and get out of where you are.

    God bless you and guide you to the best you can be, young man.

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