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My husband calls me fat and alienates my friends

assalaamu walaikum Iam married and we have been going through a lot in the past three years but this is our first year of marriage. yet i feel like my husband is destroying me mentally because of some of the things he does. like for instance i have a medical condition in which my medication made me gain a lot of weight. he callls me fat all the time and makes me insecure about it.

just recently i went out with one of my female friends and before mahgrib called him to see what time he would pick me up. he did not pick me up and i waited until after issha. my companion who is also married had to drive me home and her husband told her that he does not want her to assoicate with me because of my husband's ways and actions. he also does not teach me anything that is from the religion. what should i do?

- Sister Amina

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  1. walaikum asalam,

    sister i advise you to divorce him theres plenty of brother out there who will look after you. hope things go well

  2. Asalaamualaikum...My dear sister Amina...may Allah give your husband hidaayah...

    Have you tried talking to him? If you have tried and he hasnt listened, maybe you should seek help from elders?? Do you have any respected elders whom you can confide in?

    I dont think its right to jump to divorce without tyring to mediate...

    'Yawn'...I think you should think twice before advising someone to get divorced.

  3. Asalaamualaikum

    sister z ur advices are always good Iam agree with u.
    how old are u I hope u don't mind.

  4. Asalaamualaikum Ayesha.... 🙂

    JazakhAllahkhair for that...I pray Allah (SWT) gives me the wisdom to understand and follow His good advice 🙂

    Of course I don't mind, I am 33 years young, lol, and probably the eldest writer on here...:)

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