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My husband calls me names

verbal abuse, psychological abuse

Asalamu alaykum

I have been married for 2 years now. We had our first daughter a year into our marriage. My husband works and provides for my daughter and I. He is a good man to us Alhamdulilah. But whenever we get into mini or major arguments, he calls me names and he also swears at me! I am very sensitive but he doesn't care. It really hurts my feelings because I do not call him names and if I did he would loose it. He sometimes calls me a dumb wife or a stupid mother and it really hurts. He acts as though he doesn't need me or that he tolerates me sometimes. I am extremely sensitive and deal with anxiety. He has said plenty of mean things which I do not even want to type. What should I do? He doesn't apologize or show any empathy towards me when I am upset and quiet or crying. He actually mocks me and then gets mad when I get unresponsive or shut down. I am not saying I do not have any faults, but his approach is very very harsh. He is a few years older then me and in his mind he is right and I am wrong. Other then this he is a great husband and provides us with everything we need and more. I am pregnant again and divorce is not an option. What does Islam say about Emotional Abuse between a husband and wife?


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  1. I am not a muslim, I pray you're able to move on. I admire u as well the way you have been able to tolerate to this moment. As you said, divorce should never be an option. Good luck

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