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My husband problem

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Asalama Aleykum,

My husband and I are going through problems that make him stay at his parents house. At first he was sick, now he's not sick anymore and he's looking to find a job and move out of our apartment because he doesn't like to stay there due to some issues. I have also kept from going to our house, so he stays at his parents house and I stay at my parents house. When he was sick, I would go to the parents house and stay there but now he is fine and looking for a job so we can move elsewhere. My question is, that I'm tired of going to the parents house but he wants me to come and stay there. I do not want to be there because I am uncomfortable, there are men my husbands age and also my husbands father. But he keeps telling me to come there. And I figured I would disobey him and stop going there altogether and stay at my parents until we are able to move back together again. Is what I'm doing wrong?


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  1. AsSalaamu 'alaikum,

    I don't think you are doing something wrong, but it would be better to try to convince your husband to understand that you don't feel comfortable living in his parents’ house. Also, depending on the type of family house in which he lives (in terms of your privacy), you may want to compromise and live with him there sometimes, till he finds a job--as soon as he finds a job, you can stop going to his parents house until he finds a suitable place for the both of you.

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