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My husband says this is a forced marriage

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Salam ... I want to ask a question that i m married for 5 years but my husband dont agree on making babies ... Infect he keep on saying that it is a forced marrage still we have husband wife relation i m too upset i dont know what to do his parents say that i should wait but how long i dont know .... He say he will marry again with his choice women but wont divorce me plz tell me what should i do .... My parents are against divorce as well ....


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  1. Salam..this a poor excuse..for he has some other interest or intentions that are upto no good..No muslim will say this ..if you force then leave...? Making babies is what we do bring pious children on earth with balance provided that the parents are on the same page with a solid foundation. ..Today in every household almost everyone has left the quran. .It's the book of guidance peace barAK. ..etc...the list goes on..
    That why there so much problems in the world and with the Muslims

    The quran is to be read understood and implemented..Then we have salat which is fardz on us 5times a day no exuses ..what else we are created for or our purpose in life. Understand this...As a sunni muslim we help each other and be in environment of Deen or else you will lose yourself .sister stay connected to the local mosque .get involved with other ladies attend lectures and have a schedule daily for Allah for this relation confront him because you are mature enough to make decisions and move are in control of your self..Feelings are normal we all have a heart n tears ..make the best of your life.
    .Remember marriage is easy to do but being together and excepting differences of opions is the hardest especially when SHAITAN is always in the middle.....So be wise and go forward

  2. Assalaamualaykum Noshi,

    I'm sorry you are feeling so upset by this. I think anyone in your position would, as his idea that this is a "forced marriage" certainly isn't stopping him from having intimate relations with you! How old are you, if I may ask? I'm guessing you are under 40, which means that you could wait a little while longer (a year or two maybe) but then call it quits with him if you really want children and he is not interested in having them, as it was probably not a good match to begin with in that case. I pray that your parents come around and understand your situation. You may have to communicate with them about it some more until they "get it." Maybe ask them if they want grandchildren?:) Also, it is your right to ask for divorce if it comes to that.

    May Allah bless you with children and a happy home.



  3. You can't force him to have babies with you, he isn't attracted to you , maybe. so devorce him.

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