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My husband wants divorce

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As Salam o Alaikum. I'm from uk  I'm very sorry for sharing this story with you dear brother and sisters . But I have to my heart is so broken.

I had convert to Islam one year ago but I'm not good Muslim women actually I was thinking maybe I convert for my husband:/  I've meet my husband in 2014 was everything fine but we started living together means in haram. after 6 months we took nikkah I wasn't sure about this but I'm agreed. Was fine layer one but after some time my husband change he doesn't give me attention many time we fight very badly he was abused as well by words basically. I was abused in my childhood he knows I need attention more love and respect because I didn't have this in my childhood 😥😥😥

One day I've met one guy and he showing me love cares etc. I very weak women I've made big sins with him means Zina. he just used me by my weakness may Allah forgive me  I don't know why I so regret everything I was looking for love understanding care. I really don't after I can't stop. I use to talk with few brothers on chat apps to feel maybe someone will appreciate me who I'm. it's a long story because many time I wasn't feel love from my husband.

few days ago he catch me during chatting with guys then I tell true about cheat him he was starting cry because I broke his heart. I know Wallahi!! I know but I was so destroyed desperately looking for love plz dear people there is any chance for me ,,? My husband want divorce ?

I feel so shamed I know some of them people can tell me they can judge me can swearing on me I know... I deserve. My question is if my husband want divorce there is any chance to come back each other ??? How it's look like I don't have anyone in this country I know I've made big mistake I hurt him so badly but I'm very regret 😭😭😭 plz pray for me to be a better Muslim Jazzak Allah Khair


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  1. it was your mistake , but if your husband is insisting to give divorce and you are totally agree not to repeat mistake . then give him divorce .

  2. As-salamu Alaykum,

    Sister, you have given some clues in your post regarding your weaknesses and problems...and I think you will need to deal with these thoroughly before you can have a successful marriage. That may mean counseling with a professional or serious self-reflection that you do on your own...but you need to reach a mental state where you are able to control your impulses and do not depend on someone else's affection to drive your own moral decisions and behaviors. Islam can help you with this if you are open enough, but it is a commitment.

  3. 1st Stop Telling your private talk with others, Sorry to Say this but you should not share your private Relation Ship what happened in past and spend with each other, as A Muslim we can't share any private details to other thats wrong. i understand your husband isn't responding to you but 1st see inside you and then him, did you demanded or tell something badly or broken his ego something, before this incident happen, other wise your question about any return after taking divorce i have answer that, Allah Says in Quran Sariff in Surah nisha or sureh talaq that If one talaq practiced then after iddah 2nd will affect till then any talaq will not be counted. go ahead and find this out 1st and don't follow Triple talaq at once totally wrong , there is no where written in laws. also you converted to Islam then don't fear you should patient Allah always show us right way for us, You two should have talk about what problem came between you both, and solve out.

  4. plz pray tahajuud and ask ALLAH for forgiveness and and do tawubah in serious way and shed tears in front ALLAH He will forgive u and accept your dua INSHLLAH your husband will not divorce u.

  5. It feels like u never took ur religion sriously ,both of u. U were in love and made a decision without thinking things thoroughly .
    Now ,first of all ,stop sharing too much info when u seek advice
    second ,talk to yourself frist before u talk to ur husband , do u really want him ? can u change urself ? can u be sincere to him and him only ? if u feel that u r ready ,THEN u talk to him ,make a promise and give him the power to decide .
    Meanwhile u can start learing about islam , its not just a religion ,its the perfect package ,it can solve all your problems even if u r over the line and hopeless.
    take care

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