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My husband won’t support me

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Salam waalaikum warahmatullah walbarakatu to all, I write to this page for me to be able to seek advice and help me to get trough this situation,To enlighten .. Im 28 years old,Married with 1 son.Ive been married for 4 years now. My problem is my husband is not supporting me, We are together in 1 house, Why i can say he is not supporting me, coz he doesnt want to work, he goes with his friends for 2-3 days and not coming back If I have my salary he is acting histericaly If I will not give him. Most of the time I forgot where I.kept my money coz if i will just out it in my bag he will steal it even my jewelries and mobile phones , Im the one who is working up to now,Im here in KSA. My son is going to school I sent money for foods and tuitions and all for my son. My mom inlaw is the one who is taking care of my son. Now my question Do i have the right to ask for divorce??! Coz Im fed up.


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  1. Yes, you always have the right to ask for a divorce - and this case, you even have a very Islamically valid reason to ask for one. Please get away from this scrouncher as soon as possible. Nobody should tolerate a spouse that demands your money, is lazy and spends all of their time having fun with equally lazy friends.

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