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My male classmates are blackmailing me, please help me



Salamu Alaikum Warahmat Allah wabarakat hoom.

I am a 16 year old girl, im from a very respected family in my home town, and i did a very stupid thing. To me what i did was a grave sin, i can never forgive myself for it.

I sent nude photos to my boyfriend, because i loved him soo much and could not bare to see him upset. I trusted him with my pictures, but somehow he leaked the photos. Allah helped, as i was able to delete all the copies he had in his phone and laptop. But subhanallah, astaghfirullah, two of my classmates got the photos. They are threatening to post it and send it to my mother and my family, unless i become the first one's girlfriend and commit zinna with them both. They have already posted some on a They say if i refuse to do zinna with them, they will rape me.

I agreed to date the one who wants to date me but i cannot commit zinna. I want to stay clean until i get married In Shaa Allah.

I really love my mother, and this is going to embarass her soo much that she might disown me. I am thinking of telling the two boy's mothers about it so that they could help me to get them to delete the photos or i should tell our school's guidance and counsellor to get their parents to get them to delete everything. l i need your advice please.

Also if i could get a duaa for such situation i would like that. Jazakallah Khairan


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  1. asslamoalikum may Allah show us right path amin and keep all girls away from such people amin
    You already know what u did wrong i think u must not listen them. You should speak with ur mother. she can able to help u in sha Allah.
    if u listen them they only got ur pics astagfirullah they can go further ahead so better to tell ur mother tell her u make mistake will never make in sha Allah forgive u and help u in this. ur parents will b upset but they will not leavr u alone in this metter in sha Allah they will keep u safe. Report cyber crime.

  2. Assalamu Alaikum.

    Firstly, Maryam you should open up to your mother and/or school counsellor about this issue, insha Allah they will see you through.

    Secondly, you should know that this western style of dating is totally HARAM in islam, not to even think of committing fornication. I therefore advice you to leave those boys ASAP and concentrate on your studies and religion. If they still persist on their mission, you can report them to the appropriate authorities.

    May Allah forgive us.

  3. AoA,

    Although, it is quite sad, and I can understand you position what you must be feeling. Yes, there is specifically a dua for this.

    اللهم إنا نجعلك في نحورهم ونعوذ بك من شرورهم

    Another thing here is psychological tactics. Keep your calm and don't get frustrated. Believe me Allah can fix everything. In fact, they are playing with your fears. Once you show them that you are not afraid, their plan will fail instantly insha'Allah.

    Recite it often. May God protect you and keep you safe. Ameen.

  4. PLEASE don't let them ruin your future. You are only 16 years of age and you got all your life ahead of you. If you give in, they will keep blackmailing you more and until you are worthless and then they will publish the photos to finish you off. Sit with your mum, explain to her that you did wrong, but did not engage in ZINA and that you are still chaste and clean. This will give her at least some relieve. She will then try to speak to boys' parents or the school counselor for help. What the boys are doing is illegal if you live in the UK so you should make it clear to them that you will go to the Police for help if they don't destroy it in your presence. Again, you never know if they save something somewhere.


  5. I'm not sure of best country you live but they could get in a lot of criminal charges for have pictures of a child in which you are. It will be as they said they will post it online.

    Go talk with the school counsellors, talk with police and go from there. I would also have edvidice as text or etc to show this

    Also Why would you send such pictures!? I hope you are not with your bf as he is a problem too.

  6. Dear sister
    Be strong and have faith on Allah Almighty. What you can do is just tell those guys that you are going to lodge a police complaint against them for blackmailing you. Be brave and act tactfully. You can talk to school authorities regarding this matter or even to your mother but never ever meet or date those guys or you will destroy your life forever. May Allah protect us all, Aameen

  7. Assalamualaikum sister,

    Im not sure which state you are in right now, but I feel so sorry about your pathetic situation. I just want you to know that there's another 16 year old girl like you who probably resides far away but here's a warm hug for you <3 I care about you. I perceive your confusion, fear and pain even if I haven't been where you have been. So lots of love from this side darling.

    I'm happy that you realised how drastic blindly trusting can be. No matter how "sweet" a boy seems. Y'all can get carried away sometimes. "Oh babe, youre beautiful,and i love you so much,how about sending me a nude because my testosterone hormones are sky diving through the sky"....and most of us fall for their unavoidably "adrenaline pumping" words. Sigh. These are all hormones. No true love. No love. Nothing but just a scene from Titanic that we build up in our procrastinating minds.

    But sister,now you realize right? So why'd you still agree to date another filthy animal? Youre just returning back to square one. But I can't blame you,its not like you have a choice.


    You have a choice

    You have many choices 🙂

    1) now or never: so you see sister,it has to get out one day. No matter which path of the maze you choose you have to end up confessing to your parents. And aren't parent's our closest? Well I know it can get pretty hard to straighten their obstinate slightly bent perspective but why don't you try telling them? How bad could trying be? They're your parents and they can take it to the authorities to settle things. And you ,my dear 16 year old can't do that.

    2) Don't even dare get his hands on your body!!!: Zina?? No dude. No. Zina is never the answer. As much as I love you sister, if you allow him to touch you I'll smack you on your head! Run away,disappear,ask a jinn to take you away but don't commit Zina. Okay sorry, that was too much exaggeration. But habibti,no Zina Kay?

    3) Tell his mom to take care of his son's hormones:- "So aunty, better get your son married because he's taking advantage of my helplessness to fulfil his desires". Go ladeh, you gotta face it since you started it. And you're a brave Muslimah,right Maryam?

    4) Reciprocate evil with good: So here's something I would do. Are the boys Muslim though? Educate them and talk to them about haram Zina and blackmailing is. Maybe, somehow, hopefully, Allah cleanses their dirty jyfuyfuyfiyfih (because I'm angry) minds.

    5) Always an option: Pray to Allah to get you outta this mess. Read Quran and pray lots of Tahajjud. Don't give up hope. I really wish I was one of your friends who'd soothe you and calm you down and be there for you. But you got Allah, and he isn't leaving your side anytime soon if you REALLY plan on turning into a new leaf

    That's all I have to say. I hope my mere words came of some help.I wouldn't blame you if you still feel depressed,maybe this is one of those phases in life....where you really learn from your mistakes.

    Take care. Huggies <3

  8. Dear sister please make dua ALLLAH will help you and HE will never alone you if you stay on astagfar ,sincerely repent and never feel sad if your repent is sincere you will never return to sin like zina but you stay on astagfar and what have do never return to them and cut them off and ignore them but never show your afraid them and say them ALLAH is with me and you can not harm me without HIS Will and talk with them about Islam and make fear of ALLAH in their hearts .You are so young so do not ruin yourself if you do which they want with you they never leave you so please leave these thing and do not waste your time for boyfriends and keep focus on study and start connect with ALLAH and His Last prophet (pbuh) and perform namaz 5 time a day .you should tell counselor for helping and they will handle this problems and you make dua sincere and cry when you are making dua and perform tahajudd at night because ALLAH come on worldly sky the second part of night and HE accept dua and repent at this time and one thing thing I mention that you give sadqa daily whatever you five needy people because sadqa stop all problems and continue pray because dua can do everything because there are so many hadith for sadqa and dua.When you wake up for morning salah you should perform 2 rakah salat ul hajaat means namaz for need and end of the day after maghrib pray or issha pray you should perform 2 rakah for thanks to ALLAH that He save me whole day from them and when you perform needed pray at the starting day pray that HE save you whole day from them and it should be your routine and never accept their blackmailing .one thing I ask you how you deleted copy of pictures .please pray for me thanks

  9. I have an 11 year old daughter, and I pray that she doesnt commit such a silly mistake. But even more than that, i PRAY that if she does commit such a mistake, she comes and tells me. I am her mother, I would be angry with her ... but I will also try until i die to help her out of this horrible situation. I will move the world to make sure she comes out of that terrible situation unscathed. I would go live with my daughter in a cave if that was the only way possible to save her. I would want my daughter to have a good life and not one mistake destroy her whole life.

    And I am sure every mother feels the same way. So tell your mother before committing even bigger mistakes. If this A-H***s are already blackmailing you, imagine how much they will blackmail you if you commit any other mistake. DONT give in to their demand please please. And please tell your mother, she is the only one who can help you in this with the help of Allah.

    Keep praying to Allah, ask for forgiveness and guidance from him.

    May Allah protect all children and not let any parent face any hardship from their children

  10. Ameen Sum Ameen ,always ALLAH protect your daughter and first of all she never commit such a mistake ameen .ALLAH save all muslim women from such these mistakes ameen Sum Ameen.

  11. I am really sorry to hear this someone blackmailed me and for now I maneged to stop them I know this is a while back but please stay calm I know u feel hopeless but please tell me this hasn’t accepted you anymore please stay strong and pray that god will help u

    • Hello I know this happened a while ago I wanted to ask you what happened aftermath, did something leak or not? May God help us in our paths amin.

  12. Astagfirullah may Allah forgive us

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