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My most ugly sin

Repent before the Day when Allah will Question you

Repent before the Day when Allah will Question you

I don't know whether it is appropriate or not but I did the unforgivable sin.

I had sex with my mentally unstable sister and made myself and my parents cry.

I was doing this from 3 years and now i don't know if it's forgivable or not .

Please help me as there is alot of distress in my family right now.

And I am 16 now .



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  1. Asalaam alaikum, was she not well enough to speak? You need counselling asap, online or in your community. There is a lot to work through and if your family are willing, as a family also. But first make tawbah to Allah, there is always hope He will help you change.

  2. Astaghafirullah !

    No sorry ! for being extreme rude and on personal level. But it seems you are more mentally unstable than what your sister must be. You arent a child to not know the importance of a Sister.

    I just have no further words to write anything. Cant even ask you to visit a Psychiatrist because a person like you might make the doc go insane.

    Good Luck

    • Please let's try to stay helpful.

      • she is always rude. i dont know why this sister is so much angry. she did it with sister lorelei lee and she left the forum due to her.

        • How do u know sister Lorelei Lee has left this forum? I never come to know who joined and who left.
          I know critique is not going to help this brother but none of us can help feeling utterly disgusted and horrified at the act. My own initial reaction was no different to that of Aeliah.

          • Regardless, he was a minor himself if this started at 13, and is only now 16, we also do not know the family situation and issues before this that may have led to that. Some of these comments are disgusting as they are most likely from adults and this is an advice sight the young brother is seeking help, not judgement - eroding his self esteem further is only going to increase damage. We should always have hope in Allah and we also will be asked about what we're writing on here to other muslims who have reached out to help. Attacking another muslim, especially a young brother no matter how grave the sin is cruel. 'Do not help shaitaan against your brother'.

          • You are right Bro / sis

            Even i dont know who came and who left and i dont bother also about it. Its a forum and every one have there opinions to mention.

            Thank You so much.

          • Thank You friend bro / sis the later comment was for you but somehow was replied and reflected somewhere else

            May ALLAH (SWT) Bless you always !

        • Sugar Monroe !

          Girl .. Lorelei lee was also your profile and this one is also the same person with different names. I wont utter a word until and unless am very sure about it.

          Did i ask that female to leave from here ? 😀 She had been fooling around with 1000 different posts ( Queries ) everytime new story. Its just that i came across and put forward about the game which that lady and so you who have been playing.

          abhi toh sudhar jao !! insaan bano. ALLAH se daro.

          And please dont refer me as a sister atleast not you. I would prefer rather being referred as a sister from over controversial persons like you.

          Good Luck

    • Slms , I am in full agreement with you on this one. This is the most sickest, perverted and cruellest story I've heard. You are not worthy of her or anyone for that matter. I know that only Allah can forgive or judge, but you are shaitan.

  3. Astaghfar
    No words;
    U made me cry.
    Do Astaghfar a lot.
    May Allah forgive you if you are really regret but what about your sis and parents. You ruined her life; Astaghfar
    Really do Astaghfar indeed Allah is most merciful. Ask forgiveness from your sis and parents as well.

  4. Seems unthinkable! All of you must go for counselling. Your family situation needs to be thoroughly examined to know why and how come you thought and did all of this from age of 13.
    You must repent and repent. Pray to Allah SWT to guide you and forgive you.
    Yourself, your sister and your parents are in my prayers.

  5. what were you thinking is that she is mentally unstable unaware of what is happening to her and no body would ever know. when Allah revealed your sin and you caught red handed only then you came to know that it is a sin. during these 3 years it never ever came to your mind that it is a sin to have sex with your own sister plus you had sex with a mentally stable person. it falls into the category of sexual assault. first its zina, taking benefit of someone who is not normal mentally. if she were not mentally stable she would never have sex with you in this condition of "if" it falls in to the category of rape, sexual assault is rape.

    you are danger to all the people around. you need mental counselling. its a very big sin. make astagfar as much as you can. do charity as much as you can and attend mosque and the Islamic lectures

  6. It appears you started sex with your sister when you were about 13 years old. How old is your sister? Why you say she is mentally unstable? How come no one noticed some thing was going on between you and your sister for 3 years? My questions may sound strange. If you watch the following video by a Pakistani doctor you will understand. why I asked.

    • If this pakistani doc got evidence what she saying y she didnot make a good level documentry

    • Svs keep giving link second time for this doc and see level of documentry she can interview face hide if she got real case she even dnt look like a doc in any way
      By the way Svs did u see documentry baby barrina Story did u see sexual abuse is in all coutry u just keep focus on pakistan and specilly this documentry
      R u urself a victom of any anty, elder sister as she mention in her documentry

      • Sister question for svs: Svs keep giving link second time for this doc and see level of documentry she can interview face hide if she got real case she even dnt look like a doc in any way
        By the way Svs did u see documentary baby barrina Story did u see sexual abuse is in all country u just keep focus on Pakistan and specially this documentary

        I did some research, in this video she claims to be a doctor.
        She also has a facebook page Shzia Nawaz that gives information about her medical credentials.
        I have not seen baby barrina documentary, If you put a link I would like to see it.

      • Sister question for svs: R u urself a victim of any anty, elder sister as she mention in her documentary.

        I don't want to share any of my sexual memories here on this website.I do believe every one has sexual fantasies /experiences they will be ashamed to share.

  7. Oh my goodness, please reach out for perfessonal help, there's a bigger issue here which needs to be resvoled.

    • Yes exactly. Please seek company of an imam or scholar that may be doing islamic courses and immerse yourself in studies and make a resolve to change, schooling and try to engage in outdoor activities, if you can pray any of your salah in the masjid pray in the masjid, and do not be afraid to seek help. Make amends with your parents if your relationship is not good with them for whatever reason since before this issue started you need to speak up about that also. You are young you have a lot of time to make changes

      • He needs a psychiatrist immediately, not a scholar. A teenage boy who rapes his sister for several years is suffering from a psychiatric illness which requires treatment right away, otherwise he will continue to engage in deviant sexual behaviour into adulthood.

  8. Astaghfirullah
    I don't even find words to say anything to you. I think u r more mentally sick than your sister. How come she never told her parents about this. U better go to psychiatrist ASAP. And ask God to forgive u of this horrible sin . Nothing else can be said.

  9. need to spend 4mon the tabligh jamaat..This is the only solution first correct yourself ..Your IMAN character connection with Allah...then you will understand everything....Do not ask questions ..Shaitan will beat you and most people will give you wrong messages....I am a revert married to a Sunni women scholor..I have studied in u.k..and this is my advice to you...Take out some time..
    Go to local Sunni mosque ask for the Amir of the local tabligh jamaat.Make mashurra and listen ...
    I do will warn you that shaitan will find all the excuses for you to not go...this is were the test begins....

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