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My mother is going through an affair

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Extra-marital affairs

Dear Muslim friends,

I really need help as my mother is going through an affair. like not an intense one but she meets this man and she has had an affair ever since i am 6 and now i am much older. it really hurts and i have spoken to her about it and she shouts at me and says it is my personal life you are nobody to enter it. im your mother, your not mine. my father knows and thats why they are separated. but it hurts me to think the only one person i can put my life on has cheated me. this makes me feel so alone in this world and that i can't trust anyone.

please help me i really need help


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  1. Sister, I would advise that you learn from your mothers behaviour and not to follow in her footsteps. Maybe Allah(swt) has showed this type of behaviour as a lesson never to emulate it, and shown you the devastating consequences it has resulted in, with how it has affected you.
    Pray for your mother that Allah (swt) guides her to the right path.

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