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My mother is having an affair

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Asalam Alaikum  Brothers and Sisters.

I m a teenager and worried of my parent's relationship and Basically my Mother. She has an affair with another man and my father don't know about it. She talks to that man for hours and excuses us to meet him. From her constant conversation i learned that she also has sexual relation with him. I know that the things she's doing is haraam. and i am unable to do anything. I am so afraid and worried. She talks with him that she would leave us. I don't know what to do. I cry alot thinking about my family's future. I am afraid to tell my father because if I will tell him he would definitely leave my mother. Please someone give me advice to what to do. Help me please ..

Seeking  your help.

Allah Hafiz.


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  1. Sister you should speak to your mother about what she is doing is wrong. Give her some islamic Nasiha(advice) tell her that there is punishment of the grave and hear after which is everlasting for what she is doing as it's a major sin punishable by stoning to death. Advice her that there is always time to seek forgiveness before its too late as Allah will forgive his servants if the repentance is sincere.

  2. hows your mum and dad relationship?
    Does your father give her proper time?
    How come she got so close to that man in presence of your father? Does your father have any extra marital relation?
    All these questions means a lot. You don't need to worry about this because you are so young. Your mum and dad must have some justification for their act. A husbands always know about his wife's changed behaviour like a wife can guess about her husband.
    Just let your mum know that you know about his affair in open words. I don't think she will leave you if she got attention from home. Try to generate some family time, involve your parents in it as well. Force your dad to praise mum, appreciate her and fix her some quality time.
    Pray for both of them.
    Allah show her right path

  3. Assalamu Alaikum w.w.

    First your worry is natural, life is a test ,be patient and pray to Allah.
    Now love affair in this time more happened because we are in the system that link this kind of act. it is some kind of spritul dease .it make people is emmosnal selfness .
    Only you can do your best to convince your mother that how you love her.
    how shame bring her and family. This life is a very sort, Akhera is forever.
    There are so many example for this kind of relation fail.Man are not emmosnal as woman. I have a friend’s wife left him with two kids.after his wife lover also reject her. He also did not take her back.

    There are somany example there. Do not forget that only Allah give hidaya, so aks Allah.
    InshaAllah you see good end. amin

  4. Well it seems if you don't tell your father, your mother plans to leave. Do the right thing tell your father!

  5. Sister, you need to tell your father. A man needs to know what his wife is getting up to. He is the man of the house. Speak to your mother and tell her that you will need to tell dad what you know because this is unfair to him and betrayal. Make plenty of dua. whatever Allah does, he does it for the best. May Allah strengthen you and your family

  6. My Little Sister,
    I am so sorry this is happening. Please know that the actions of you parents have nothing to do with you. ( I mean it is not your fault.) What every happens with your parent's marriage, it is 100% on them. I do not suggest that you tell your mother that you know. You are a teenager and not a counselor or therapist. It is not your job to convince you mother to correct her ways. (That is the job of an Imam.) Pray for her and ask Allah to guide her to the straight path. I agree with some of the others, I think your father should be told. I suggest that you tell him anonymously. (You can type a letter and the envelope and mail it to him.) You need to accept the fact that your parents might get a divorce, your mother might leave your family, or your mother might leave the affair and your parents marriage could continue.You should pray to Allah for the best resolution and be content with the outcome. Please know that you can still grow up and have a beautiful marriage. Try not to let this issue affect your own morals in the future.
    I am praying for your ease.

  7. Your dad is spending enough time with your mother? if he is not then it will be difficult for her to control her sex drive and fallen for sex with other guy .Initially it might have looked her sinfull but regular sex will make her heart dark .You need to openly tell her that you know this and tell her to stop it .Tell your dad also else he might get sexual transmitted disease from your mom .

  8. WAALEKUM ASSALAM same thing is happening with us and my mother has no regrets she's troubling my father alot she's fighting in fajr zohar asr maghrib isha i feel really really sad Please pray for us please May Allah help us all

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