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My mother made me promise not to contact him


I made a mistake by talking to a guy, first we started just as friends but our relationship got more serious and we became more than friends. For about a year we were together but then my mother found out and she made me swore on the Quran that I will never talk to him or will never be in any contact with him. However I couldn't keep my promise and I talked to him, and since then I have been talking to him. I really like him but I do not want to hurt my mother again or go to hell. I want to seek forgiveness but I can not let him go. I really need to know what should I do.


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  1. asalamualikum

    my dear friend

    if u really like him
    plzz make ur relationship halal
    as u already fallen fr him
    its ur responsibility to make it halal
    falling in love is not haram '
    its a feeling which come to the human mind
    and it can happen to all of us
    but if we really fallen for som1
    its is our responsibility to be with that person

    so talk about this about feelings for him to ur parents or to the elder whom u re so close
    and in sha allah
    if ur relationship is true then allah will make u one

    i will surely pray for u

    jazakallah khair

  2. What Asna said.

    if you are confident this is the man for you, get your nikah done.
    show your momr his positives, tell her how you can live with his negatives.
    if its meant to be it will happen, if not, dont stress, Allah will have someone better for your.

    hope we all find peace.

  3. Maray saat bhi asa hua ha mare gf say kasam lay li ha quran ki that she will never contact me or talk me or see me what should I do

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