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My mother used black magic to force my marriage

sihr, black magic

Assalamu alaikum..

Iam falling love with a person years back.. ( he is my school mate, I know him very well.. about his character ,everything) when he said he loves me . I replied u ask to my parents. then he ask my mother. she replied that after completing his studies we can think about this and if she is still here we can done the marriage.. so we understood that mom is supporting our relationship.. he is a very good guy.. he is very religious man.

after 3 yrs later my mom said this relationship won't accept because his family is a low class.. but I can't able leave him . At first she gave all support after that she is telling like this. But we continue our relationship.. we take many prayers and duas to get married with our parents support.

after few years he got good job.. still I'm not get married my mom know our relationship too. my father looking proposals for me . I told my mom I want to marry him.. she told to come with his parents.. one day they (he, his mother & father) came to my home as a proposal . me and my mom know about they are coming. but my dad not know.. he can't accept him and his family. they didn't say about our relationship.. if it knows it will become big problem to my mom.. so didn't tell about this. they came just as a proposal. my father ask me do u like him . I replied yes. but my mom refused..

she told we can't accept him and his family. really I saw another face of my mom.. my parents look many proposal for me. but our prayers and duas makes us in a safe zone.. I told my father too I love him and want to marry him . but father can't accept it..

he forced me to marry another man . I told my father I can't live with him.. but he want to marry me to whom he loves. my father told me that he is bother about me whether I love him or not .. he want save his family in the public. my father he just want say that my daughter marry from big famous family. I cried in front of him .

I want to marry my love, but my father curse me if I marry my love I won't reach heaven and can't live happy with him. He is really very good guy. he is very iman, everyday at night he stay in mosque. every Monday and thursday takes fasting.. he do every good things what Allah, quran and sunnah. but my father didn't want to know about him.. he marry me to another person last 2 months before.

After my marriage I understood that this marriage occur because my mom do some black magic.. that's why my marriage finished...

I prayed alot to get my love. but I never thought my mom will do like this.  but I tried to love my new husband. I can't able to. My love, he is in a state of "nervous breakdown" I want to save his life too. without my presence his life become worst.. that is because of me.

I still love him. our relationship is more than 5 years but father didn't know about that my mom told me if he knew that it will spoil my moms life .. to save her life I didn't told about that.. really my mom cheated me.. and because she do black magic my marriage done..

I can't able to love my husband.. I didn't feel any love or affection towards him. but he doesn't understand that.. but I want to live with my love here and jannah.. but my new husband is very sincerely loving me. he didn't know about my past.

what I want to do. one side my love other side my husband. but I still love my love I want him ..

Is this wrong ... any dua .. I don't want to harm my parents or my husband? I want to live with my love and save his life..  what I want to do.. I think the power of black magic is getting low so I'm loving my love more than my husband.. me and my love is very sincere. For many months we didn't contact .. but I can't understand his feelings.. if he feels any difficulty I can understand here. Still after marriage I can understand his (mi love) feelings..

what I can I do? what I want to do? whether I want to pray for my love? or I want to live with my husband? plz get me an answer.. , I'm in a state of confusion.. please help me.. and tell me any dua.. please . may Allah bless everyone..


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  1. Firstly let me just say
    I am very sorry
    about your situation and how unsupportive and double-minded ,
    your parents are.

    Yes you are allowed to annul your marriage
    or to take a divorce(khulla from female side)

    because you did not want to marry the person you are with now

    it is a sin in Islam to force marriage upon a person

    I think you should come in contact with an Iman or person from the Mosque
    Because it is their duty to handle such problems.

    What country are you in?
    If you are in a western country you can go to the police for help

    Maybe you are worried about your parents public image

    But they forced you into something you did not want.

    Research women's rights in Islam
    And you will see.

    It doesn't matter if black magic is involved or not

    that's not important

    what is important is that the law was broken

    and you are a victim
    Know your rights

    Good luck

  2. You can file for Khula if you are not happy in this marriage .From Islamic point you are stil married and will be commiting big sin if you are thinking about ex or talking to him . So stop all contacts with your ex ...yes you have right to take divorce if you are not happy and marriage was forced on you ..Just a word of precaution you had 5 years of haraam relationship with this man and it might have looked exciting but same excitement will go down once you get married so be careful and take wise decision .His family might reject you saying you are divorcee so be careful . You understanding some body's feelings without in touch with him are all result of some imagination and happens only in movies .These all are not love but whispers from shyateen to do haraam things ..

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