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Hi all,

I am a non muslim woman married to a Muslim man. We just had a baby together four months ago. Although I’m not muslim, I’m not opposed to one day becoming one. I already practice many things such as not drinking, not eating pork and abstaining from drugs. My husband is severely addicted to marijuana. Now, I know they say marijuana is not addictive, he’s smoking tons of it. I mean 4-6 joints a day. He also smokes cigarettes and drinks. Part of the reason I was originally attracted to him was because at the time, he didn’t do drugs or drink. He has promised to quit smoking and doing marijuana over 10 times and has never followed through. He lies about drinking and goes to the liquor store to buy small mini bottles of whiskey and makes himself drinks outside on the balcony in secret. I have told him to stop nicely and told him what he is doing is haram. I don’t want our baby to grow up with his dad addicted to drugs, cigarettes and being around someone who drinks. He also doesn’t help me at home with the baby and gives me no breaks. I’m becoming really depressed. I’ve suggested counseling but he has the addiction and I’m not the problem. He says in the problem because I nag him but the only reason I nag him is because he is doing all these bad things and neglecting his son and wife.

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  1. If he's an addict then he is no good for you and your son. So just divorce him

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