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My parents are being stubborn for marriage

Family expectations are preventing marriage to the girl I love.

Family expectations are preventing marriage to the girl I love.

Assalam o alaikum. I'm 25 years old. I love a girl for more then 6 years now I really want to get married to her. She's really good in fact my parents have met her and her family too and they also liked her, but now when I told them that I want to marry her they said they do not want me to marry her.

My mother's side has a very strong impact on our family. Her family wants me to marry my cousin which I don't want. They all know about that girl even my cousin and her family knows about her but still they want me to marry my cousin.

I talked to my father a million times and gave him every possible clarification but still they all want me to marry my cousin and my mother said if I will not marry sister's daughter she will disown me and at time they say I cannot get married before I am 28. There is no age limit to get married but still they don't understand and want to impose their decision on me. This is my life and I think I have every possible right to choose my life partner

There is no issue to that girl's parents they are waiting for my proposal but my parents are too stubborn to accept her. I cannot spoil 2 lives I really want to marry that girl please. I am so depressed - please guide me what should I do.


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  1. Assalaamualaikam

    Islamically, a nikah needs the consent of the bride's wali - her father - but does not necessarily require the consent of the groom's parents. So, if there is no valid reason for rejecting this girl, then you have the right to proceed with approaching her parents with a proposal.

    Before rushing ahead with things, though, it might be worth thinking about what reasons your parents are giving for rejecting this girl - then you can inshaAllah look for ways to persuade them that she is the right girl for you. Would it help for the girl's parents to talk with yours?

    If your parents remain opposed, you may have to make a choice, and we cannot tell you what to do in that situation. If it comes to that, pray istikhara and trust in Allah.

    Remember as well, that until marriage, this girl is not your wife - she is a non-mahram. That means the two of you need to observe appropriate Islamic limits in your interactions, and the two of you should repent for any transgressions that may have occurred already.

    Midnightmoon editor

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