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My parents are not fair between my siblings and I.


Assalam alaekum. I hope everybody had a wonderful eid celebration. I am 18 years old. All my life, I have always felt like the outcast in my family. I have a brother and a sister. I am the middle child. Every time I try to do something right, I end up in trouble. My parents often send me out of the house. Not for too long but it still hurts. What my sister is able to do and they pass off as little jokes, they hit me for. They hit me so much pain is now a way of life to me. People I tell always advice me to hate my siblings. To steal from my parents. To fight back. But I know I can't. Islam doesn't permit that. And I can't hate my siblings. I love them. Even though they never understand me. Most times I feel unwanted. My parents, they don't curse me, they just never speak to me. I don't know what to do. Advice me please


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  1. I know how you feel but dont worry. You say islam says not to be mean towarss your brothers and sisters then for the sake of the Al Mighty ignore what they say to you and do to you. Be patient and just do your thing work hard and pray even harder success will be sent to you by the Al Mighty and your parents will praise you and only you.

  2. going through same situation sometimes i only want to do is suicide .. no other option left
    so helpless and depressed these days . I pray since childhood ... :'(
    all i pray is for mother love and attention

  3. Asalaam alaikum im so sorry you feel that way. Your feelings are real and for a reason. Remember you are ultimately the one who can give yourself love. I would say ask for a time to sit with your parents without your siblings and tell them how you feel if they try to dismiss it or say its not true then they are being defensive and it is them who are not in the right, no person should feel that way. Remember Allah can love us in a way our parents didn't or haven't - you shouldnt be made to feel this way. It is very telling of your good nature that you love your siblings, your siblings are not your parents and its good that you have love for them and wish to stay within limits of Islam. Make dua for them that they realise, and make dua that you can heal from this. Its their human mistake and their fault that you feel this way, no child should have to question whether their parents loved them enough or different to their siblings, but its OK you can give yourself love but in sha Allah also try speak to an elder that you can confide in who wouldn't make such a situation worse and see how that would go, if there isnt, all of this still would help in sha Allah. You take care of you and if they try to hit you remind them youre an adult now and they should not be resorting to things like that, all the best!

  4. Allah is aware of all ...Be patient and build your connection to Allah for I sence it to be weak......Salat is FARDZ on you...Should be praying at mosque....Reading daily quran....Do you know how important quran is ...Just look at the virtues of quran listed in the Faza il amal or Google. ..too many to list ..Today the muslims are so weak with so many problems...Solution is connection with Allah...relationship! Success in this world and in the hereafter is only Obeying Allah's commandments and teachings of prophet Muhammad PBUH. This is the formula....there is no other way...You must have daily routine developed.....EG. .Pray FAJR sit finishup tasbih .Scholors say min. 100×each 1st Kalimah ,Astagfirullah and Durood sharif.morning and evening this must be done consistently. .then at least sura yaseen or some pages morning to start your day and when going to bed...the scholors say min.1 juz a day ..that's about 15 pages the most.....Look you help Allah's Deen Allah will help you...Everything in this world is a test...You and everyone else will be tested upto there last breath. ...If we don't build are Iman which is a gift already to us we will have to stand in front Allah for the verdict. You must have some relationship with the sunni mosque ..Be apart of the lectures the taleem gasht all amals....This will make you a strong knowledgeable person ..because knowledge comes through sacrifices hardship...just look at are companions ..The 10 sahabas were given glad tidings of jannah in this that's huge.....there is no guarantee for us?think about it......Anyways at the same time you must get a degree in something .A career so you can make big money and be independent and versatile. ...Because the life is getting expensive that's for sure.With you wealth you can go places in tabligh ,hajj any place you wish......But the key is to live an obedient life in regards to halal careful of music . quran and music can never mix....evil t.v box and should no best....if you feel that your effected with jinn ..Read manzil or listen on regularly it will Inshallah go away...DI'd you know must people are affected with this unknowingly....just youtube diaries of an exorcist. .the Maulana explains it well ... You know it's never to late to become a scholor I know some people who left everything and went to become a muslim scholor..and then some went back to school to pursue a career....You see foundation in Islam is very important...Thats why the sahabas gave there whole life to see deen...They had the whole world at there feet...the creation was serving them....but today we are chasing the world for success .....Why? When Allah has said I created the jinn and humanbeings for worship....So know you understand its not what Allah has given to some people a lot of wealth or intelligence's how you pass the test that will take place....Just look at all these wealthy stars they are all messed up ..They look good in the outside but empty and miserable in the inside...By the way south Africa has one of the best durul alooms in durban just do your research.

  5. Go and report them to the police

  6. This was sad to read, so sorry for all of this. I would honestly report them or just be out of the house as much as I could whether it be work or school or staying with other family members. No one deserves to live like this but props to you for still respecting them, Allah will def reward you. Stay strong

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