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My parents treat me like trash compared to my younger brother


I am the oldest son and I have a problem with my younger brother that he is treated like a king and I am treated like trash  but when I talk about that,  my parents scold or ignore me and my hatred continues as I see that I am treated the worse in the family and recently I have been so angry that I raise my a lot when i see my brother getting I want and when I ask them to get the same thing they scold me.  What do I my hatred is too much and I am scared what I will do next


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  1. Aoa Brother.

    This is very common in households where the youngest one is treated better than the others.

    The best thing to do is to be the best son to your parents and the best brother to your sibling. It will take a few months or maybe even a year to turn things around but Inshallah its guaranteed to work.

    The biggest rule of being a big brother is to be patient and mature otherwise, don't call yourself one.

    Hope this helps.

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